Did President Trump Just Drop a Hint? Listen Closely…

Michelle Obama, wife of the absolute worst and most corrupt president in U.S. history, had to get in some digs against President Trump in her new book, “Becoming.”

Obama said she would never forgive Trump’s questioning of her husbands extremely sketchy birth certificate.

Look, I don’t know if his certificate is fake, or if he was foreign born, but I can say without a doubt that he was in no way an AMERICAN! Obama was a globalist, leftist, Communist hack who divided our nation along racial and ideological lines like no-one before him ever did.

Of course, the media couldn’t wait to ambush America’s President with Mrs. Obama’s statement, hoping to trip him up in some way that they could use to attack him.

That didn’t go so well:

I’ve been watching for a while, and I’ve never seen the President so visibly angry as he’s been the last few days. Even after having to endure the most vile attacks, lies, and slanders from Democrats against him, his family, and his supporters…It seems like something has clicked in him during the Kavanaugh confirmations and the mid-terms.

Notice he says that there’s more, that he will reveal in the future! GOOD!

Democrats have it coming, and I sincerely hope Trump drops the hammer!

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