The Democrat Mob, in Their Own Words…

The entire liberal machine has geared up to blame Americans for the violence of the Democrat Party.

It won’t work.

Everyone is aware that since they formed the KKK, the Democrats and leftists have been violently attacking Americans and destroying property.

(Notice a few of the video links are down. That’s because the left just can’t have you see the truth.)

Daily they use hate rhetoric to push their unhinged base to attack.

President Trump, when calling out fake news for their deception and outright lies, IS NOT IN ANY WAY calling for violence.

He NEVER said, “attack them” or “bomb them.” He simply points out that they LIE.

Democrats, however, openly call for attacks.

On you.

On your neighbors.

On your family.

Video Via: FedUpPAC

2 thoughts on “The Democrat Mob, in Their Own Words…

  1. Too many young people have yet to learn that if you step on a person’s toes, that person will retaliate. Some times in a very big way. It seems none of us learn that until we become a target for retaliation ourselves. If the young liberals now tone down their hate speech, then something good would have come from the fake bombs.

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    1. I don’t know that they will.
      I think they desire chaos and violence, and somehow think that it will end favorably for them. The left has NO compassion or empathy for their targets, and hate the U.S. and society in general.
      They do, however, tire out after a few days, requiring them to return to their caves and covens to recharge and regroup.

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