Globalist Democrats Receive Bomb-Like “Suspicious Packages”…

Packages containing the appearance of Acme pipe bombs have grabbed the attention of the nation and the media. The packages were sent via U.S. mail to various left-wing political figures. None of the devices detonated or activated upon delivery. U.S. law enforcement suspect all of the packages were sent by the same group or individual.

Secret Service revealed they intercepted two of the packages en route to former President Obama’s Washington D.C. home and Hillary Clinton’s property in Chappaqua, New York. A few hours later a police bomb squad was sent to CNN’s offices in New York City as one of the packages was addressed to former CIA director John Brennan.

Additionally, the mailed devices were also reported addressed to former Attorney General Eric Holder, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and California congresswoman Maxine Waters. The three packages addressed to Obama, the Clintons and CNN were similar to package found at liberal billionaire donor George Soros’ New York home on Monday.

The media are quick to frame a narrative of blame toward President Trump, and within minutes of breaking the news attached the hashtag #Magabomber to the motive. The White House condemned the attacks as ‘despicable’ and administration officials described the events as a coordinated ‘effort to terrorize’ just days before polarizing US elections.


Due to the nature of the overall package content, the likelihood of a staged political effort is high. The motive is undetermined; however, there is a strong history of left-wing manufactured ‘fake-hate’ to advance political objectives.

Via: CTH

Most excellent NPC meme from: IOTWReport

7 thoughts on “Globalist Democrats Receive Bomb-Like “Suspicious Packages”…

    1. Interesting, and suspicious. It seems a rather sophomoric prank designed to give “mainstream media” a few extra clicks and views and allow them to brush aside all the violence inflicted on Americans by the Democrats and portray conservatives as some sort of deranged, scary group.

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    1. I am thinking similar…
      Not much chance of the devices actually getting to targets.
      They may not actually be functioning bombs.
      We, conservatives, have VERY FEW bug-eyed freaks. The vast majority of hate-filled psychos reside on the left.
      Maybe an action to take some of the heat off the Democrats, who have been violently attacking and protesting. It’s hurting them big time, as Americans don’t act like they do, and are tired of their antics.

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