Trigger Reset Bullet Point Headlines…

4 thoughts on “Trigger Reset Bullet Point Headlines…

  1. It agonizes the Left that President Trump attracts overflow crowds. When he came to my town there were long lines of people who didn’t get into the arena. The local media were stunned that there were so many Hispanics and women waiting in line to see the President. Hispanic Americans in my border town are very supportive of the border wall and stopping the flow of illegal immigration. That drives Democrats nuts. When my Congressman aired a campaign ad condemning the “cruel” separation of children, I reminded him that Obama did the same thing. In fact, a federal judge in California challenged Obama’s deportation of mothers for the purpose of stopping illegal immigration. My Congressman removed the ad when I asked him if Obama was being cruel. Democrats will lie to gain power. They must be defeated.

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        1. Agreed! Mexico has been trying to play nice, and President Trump’s made it clear he wants this stopped before they reach our border. I’m not sure what made them back off either, I believe they intended to stop them from crossing into Mexico originally.


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