Watch: Nancy Pelosi Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine…

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was harassed by an anti-communist mob of protesters at a campaign visit in Florida this week.

Pelosi was approached and yelled at while stopping to meet with Democratic leaders and activists in South Florida on Wednesday.

Video of the moment surfaced on YouTube with the caption: “Nancy Pelosi was heckled at a Miami Restaurant by Trump Supporting Cuban Americans.”

In the video, Pelosi can be seen entering the restaurant and getting rushed by a mob of protesters. The protesters held anti-communist signs and yelled, “Look at Nancy Pelosi right here – f***ing communist. Get the f**k out of here. F**k you and your f**king Democrats.”

The bewildered Pelosi looked at the protesters before ducking into a doorway with security. The protesters chanted, “Communism sucks” at the closed door.

Via: DC

3 thoughts on “Watch: Nancy Pelosi Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine…

  1. How does it feel… To be on your own… A complete unknown… Like a rolling stone. Bob Dylan, 1965: ~ How long before these bastards get what they really deserve. I am a Christian but I can’t help wishing I could play God with these monsters for just a little while.. BTW That big image of that witch at the top of the page ’bout made me hurl my dinner. Lord how I despise these cockroaches,

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    1. “The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.” Proverbs 8, Vs. 13
      I pray daily for GOD to destroy the left, and purge them from any position of power, authority, or influence. Hopefully by opening their eyes so that they repent and join us, or if that’s not possible, then just by exposing and destroying them.

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