Father and Son Attack Each Other With Chainsaw and Lawnmower…

A 76-year-old Tennessee man has been charged with attempted second-degree murder after he allegedly tried to kill his son with a chainsaw and ended up having to get his leg amputated.

The Bristol man was accused of trying to fatally injure his relative with the running outdoors equipment as part of an ongoing feud.

While the incident took place June 28, Douglas Ferguson was only indicted Tuesday after recovering from injuries he sustained as his son allegedly fought in self-defense.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office waited until the man had gotten significantly better from having his leg amputated when his son fought back with a lawnmower, reports Herald Courier.

Emergency responders found him with a bleeding leg when they arrived on the scene.

Officers responding to the crime at a house on US Highway 421 said in a release that the intended victim was confronted while cutting grass.

‘The son defended himself against the attack by running over the suspect with the lawn mower,’ an SCSO press release obtained by the Kingsport Times-News states.

‘The injuries that the suspect (Ferguson) sustained were as a result of the lawn mower striking and running over him.’

Ferguson had previously been charged with aggravated assault.

After Detective Matt Harrison obtained an arrest warrant on behalf of SCSO Criminal Investigations Ferguson remained in jail this week.

He is being held on $25,000 bail for two offenses after violating probation for the previous assault.

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