German Father Faces Charges for Saving His Daughter From Muslim Sex Assault…

A man protecting his daughter against a bottom groping African will be charged with causing bodily harm.

At the Munich Hackerbrücke train station, a drunk 28-year-old migrant from Eritrea grabbed a German woman under her skirt on Tuesday.

When her father saw the sexual assault, he punched the African man in the face to make him stop.

An employee of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn, witnessed the incident and alerted federal police.

The German police decided to file two charges: One against the migrant for sexual assault and one against the father for causing bodily harm.

Many Germans were shocked by the case against the father, believing the man acted in defense of his daughter.

“It is up to the judiciary to assess the case. There is a suspicion that there were two crimes, one sexual harassment and the other a physical injury. The police are required by law to bring both,” spokeswoman Petra Wiedmann of the Munich police says.

She advises people to use ‘other options’ when a crime occurs at the station. People should address the security forces on the ground in a preventative way if something suspicious occurs, she adds.

Via: Geller

5 thoughts on “German Father Faces Charges for Saving His Daughter From Muslim Sex Assault…

    1. We shouldn’t have allowed all those damn cameras to be put up everywhere!
      And…GO DAD!!!
      This story makes me very, very angry.
      All of the situation was so very avoidable, if the German leadership had used common sense.
      There was no excuse for molesty-boy to ever be in a civilized nation. But they can’t admit they were wrong.
      Across the globe, incidents like this have been covered up to prevent people from rising up against leftist stupidity. That makes for more victims, who are unaware of the danger.
      And it’s not only the father’s (or mother’s) right to defend themselves and their children…It’s their responsibility.
      They should give the guy a medal, and some sort of cash reward for doing the job that his government failed at, the number one job of any government, keeping its citizens safe.

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  1. New tactics for self preservation must now be learned by citizens such as skillfully tripping the drunks who are in the act of molesting, in such a way that they fall flat on their drunken faces. Then walking nonchanntly on their way.

    Liked by 1 person

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