“Insurance Policy?”: Clinton Attorney Fed the F.B.I. Material to Use Against Donald Trump During the Election…

During his testimony two days ago, former F.B.I. General Counsel James Baker named names.

In a bombshell revelation, he exposed long-time Clinton and D.N.C. lawyer Michael Sussmann as the Democrat operative who, using his former Department of Justice contacts, personally delivered documents and a thumb drive to the Bureau on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the D.N.C.

The information he passed to Baker supposedly included details of Russian election interference, hacking, and the alleged connections to candidate Donald Trump.

Many may view this as direct evidence of the left’s “spy-gate” coup attempt, referred to as an “insurance policy” by disgraced F.B.I. Agent Strzok in a text to Lisa Page.

As reported, James Baker testified Wednesday and stunned congressional investigators with his testimony. During questioning, he revealed coordination between Hillary Clinton, the D.N.C., the F.B.I., and a British intelligence officer, aimed at harming candidate Donald Trump.

It seems that rather than any collusion between Trump and Russia, the collusion to interfere in the U.S. election was between Clinton, the D.N.C., the F.B.I., and foreign spies.

Ohio’s Jim Jordan said Baker also exposed another source feeding tainted information directly to the F.B.I., and stated questioners found the source to be, “pretty explosive.”

Now that bomb has gone off, attorney Michael Sussmann has been revealed as one of the names dropped by Baker.

Sussmann is a lawyer with Perkins Coie, a firm tied directly to the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation.  He also had access to the Department of Justice, being a former employee, and exploited his contacts to gain an audience with Baker, and presumably others in the D.O.J.

At the time he was using his connections to coerce the F.B.I. into meddling in the U.S. presidential election, Sussmann was representing the D.N.C., and candidate Hillary Clinton.

During the 2016 election, N.S.A. Director Mike Rogers was beginning to limit contractor access to intelligence and law enforcement databases to curb F.I.S.A. warrant abuses. It was then, before the F.B.I. sought the warrants it used to spy on the Trump campaign that Sussmann reached out to Baker, and fed the Bureau information in an effort to persuade them to target Trump.

Director Roger’s actions may have been the impetus that forced the Democrats to take a more direct approach, as the limited access hampered rogue elements in the F.B.I. from harvesting database information to support their quest for a FISA warrant to target Mr. Trump.

The information Sussmann was peddling may have also included the ridiculous “Trump Dossier,” fabricated by Fusion G.P.S., and paid for by the D.N.C. and candidate Clinton.

In summary, the Federal Bureau of Investigation met with Sussman, a political operative for the left, and received information provided by the Democrats, and Clinton. After colluding with Sussmann, the nation’s “premier law enforcement agency,” decided to accept the laughably shabby, and unverifiable dossier, fabricated at the request of, and paid for by, Hillary Clinton.

This dossier was put together by a foreign former intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, using Steele’s shady Russian underworld contacts, at the request of Fusion G.P.S., who was working on behalf of Clinton.

Mysteriously, salacious dossier allegations from the dossier, and quite possibly from information passed by Sussmann, were leaked to left-leaning media outlets in an apparent attempt to influence American voters.

That plot failed.

When Donald Trump shocked the liberal world by decisively defeating Clinton, it seems more details given the bureau by Clinton operatives were utilized, and were leaked in an attempt to turn public opinion against the President in order to facilitate impeachment, which would have completely subverted the will of the American people.

Many Americans are waking up to the realization that a “deep State” may actually exist; a shadowy group of leftist ideologues whose loyalties do not lie with the U.S.A., the Constitution, or American citizens.

Instead, they seem to swear allegiance to the Democrat Party, and work to further a globalist agenda, stripping the U.S. of its sovereignty, and citizens of their Constitutional rights.

F.B.I. spying targeting Trump, Sussmann’s hand delivered document, and Clinton’s dossier, seem to be Agent Strzok’s “insurance policy.”

It appears that Fusion G.P.S., the F.B.I., and Perkins Coie were the provider for that “policy”, and Lawyer Michael Sussmann was the “insurance” agent who sold and delivered it to the F.B.I.

Via: CDP

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