Guest Post: Is Google is Violating Our Rights?

Are Tech Giants Violating our Rights?

Victoria Blunt

Google and Facebook have practically dominated the internet and smartphones with their easy and convenient apps. However, it has been proven that Google spies on people to send ads based off of web history. Facebook sometimes will hide and removes some posts, specifically conservative news.

In my opinion, this seems like a violation of our rights.

The First Amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to free speech. So if I wanted to, I could say that Bill Clinton was a terrible president, and the government couldn’t stop me because it’s my right to have free speech. On social media, people can send pictures, videos, and cool stuff they found online to lots of other people.

However, social media websites have the authority to remove posts, stop people from posting, and to remove followers and friends from someone’s page. Facebook has started using PolitiFact, a tool that finds “fake news” and stops someone from posting that.

Only, PolitiFact appears to be owned by crazy democrats and mostly it just removes real news that Facebook doesn’t like. Also, Google tries to sift through real news and fill the internet with bizarre leftist lies. Just recently, Google was considering changes to their search engine, so if you searched, “Trump stops illegal immigrants” the search results would be a bunch of pro-immigration sites.

Now you might be thinking “Oh well it’s their websites and browsers, they can do what they want!” but that’s not how I see this.

I see the internet like a country, websites as news or magazines, and social media and web browsers as its government. And so far, social media and Google haven’t really supported the first amendment.

I mean seriously, if their purpose is communication, shouldn’t they allow free speech?

The Fourth Amendment stops the government from searching someone or their house without a good reason. However, Google and other Tech giants just don’t think that rule applies to them. Its old news that Google has been spying on its users to send them ads. Google gets the information to send ads by searching though web browsing history.

But, that’s just not enough for Google.

By tracking your phones location, Google can send you ads for stuff near you. If you use Google play, Google tracks down what apps you like.

If you use Google photo app, Google knows what you and your friends look like.

If you have Google assistant, Google can leave it’s microphone on to hear what movies and activities you like.

And it’s not just Google. Siria, Alexia, smartphones, and all supposedly “smart” devices will do the same thing.

Spying on someone just to send them ads just doesn’t seem like a reasonable motive for searching someone’s entire life history almost.

And worse, it’s pretty much been proven the Google shares that collected data with the NSA, so Google has teamed up with the government.

This is a definite violation of the 4th amendment.

You should watch this until the end…You’ll be shocked!

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We’re thrilled to publish this one from Victoria, a 13 year-old young lady who happens to be our daughter. She’s worked on this for a few days, and when I read it I was stunned at how well she writes.

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