Ford Theater: The Democrat Lynching of a Good Man…

I am, and have been, over this. Republicans should have confirmed this man days ago.

I do not find Mrs. Ford “credible”; I think she’s lying.

I don’t find it credible that judge Kavanaugh only assaulted rabid leftist women with ties to George Soros.

I don’t believe that this man ran “gang rape crews,” nor does it make sense that the woman making this claim continued to attend gang rape parties after she was aware of what was occurring at them.

Bull crap. Even Lindsey Graham seems to get it…

The left is seeking soundbites for campaigning, and doing so at the expense of Judge Kavanaugh and our nation.

RINO’s…you’d better fall in line and vote for Brett, and for the rest of President Trump’s agenda.

It’s OUR agenda.

It’s what we sent him to the White house for, and we sent you to do our bidding as well.

Mr. Kavanaugh responds to the lying leftist attacks…

6 thoughts on “Ford Theater: The Democrat Lynching of a Good Man…

    1. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our nation. The entire confirmation has been a carefully orchestrated attack on President Trump, Judge Kavanaugh, and America in general. Leftists are rabid, hate-filled, spiteful things, and I suspect it will cost them dearly in the midterms.

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