Police Believe Wendy Martinez was Stabbed to Death Because of the Color of Her Skin…

The homeless man charged with the first-degree murder of a Washington DC bride-to-be as she jogged two blocks from her home, may have been motivated to kill her because of her race.

Anthony Crawford, 23, was arrested after the stabbing of Wendy Martinez, 35, on Wednesday and a report states the slaying may have happened because the attacker didn’t like white people.

‘Investigators looking into possibility murder of jogger Wendy Martinez might have been “racially motivated.” Suspect Anthony Crawford “does not like white people.” Also has history of mental illness and K2 addiction.’ wusa9.com reporter Bruce Leshan tweeted Friday.

Martinez was stabbed seven times by a local vagrant Tuesday night according to court papers.

Police arrested Crawford, a black male, on Wednesday evening after speaking to multiple witnesses and acquaintances of the man.

One individual who told officers that the suspect in the case was often high on K2, a synthetic marijuana that has been known to put people in a zombie-like state and is banned in the United States.

These details are coming out as the family of Martinez prepares for her funeral.

On Thursday a vigil was held for the victim and mother broke her silence about the tragedy while also revealing that her daughter would be buried in her wedding gown.

She had been out for a run when the attack occurred, and was pronounced dead at 8.23pm just 27 minutes after being stabbed by the man. 

An autopsy found that Martinez had been stabbed on the ‘left side’ and ‘back’ of her head, the ‘right side of the face,’ ‘the lower right neck,’ twice on the ‘left side of the neck,’ and once in the ‘back.’

It was the higher wound on the left side of her neck that resulted in the victim bleeding out so quickly due the fact that the knife struck her jugular vein. 

Individuals on the scene tried their best to stop the blood flow as the suspect fled the scene, dropping the murder weapon along the way.

Crawford ‘was yelling and crying’ as he was taken in according to the police report, and had severe lacerations on his right hand, which is the same hand that the suspect used when he stabbed Martinez.

When brought in for questioning, Crawford had a heavily bandaged hand with fresh lacerations and told detectives that he was aware that they were accusing him of stabbing the ‘little girl.’ 

Martinez is 12 years older than Crawford but stood only 5ft 1in tall and weighed 106 lbs according to police.

His identity was not released however until detectives had circles back to Crawford’s acquaintance and shown him a photo of Crawford taken at the station the previous night.

‘That’s him, that’s him,’ said the man.

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