Democrat Run Chicago: 60 Teachers and 206 School Employees Fail Background Checks…

Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson announced Sunday that 266 employees will not be returning on the first day of school because something in their background was flagged in a new round of districtwide checks.

Nearly 60 of the employees barred from returning to class were teachers, Jackson said in a statement.

An additional 245 of the 43,332 employees reviewed by Sunday were banned because they chose not to submit fingerprints for the checks.

The new school year starts Tuesday.

Of the 266 employees, Jackson wrote: “CPS will be conducting thorough investigations in all of these instances to better understand the circumstances of each unique case. Employees were only removed based on the results of their background checks if arrests were identified that suggest a potential history of violence, sexual misconduct, or dangerous criminal activity.”

The announcement comes three days after Jackson declined to discuss the findings with the Tribune, saying she would only publicly share the results once the process was completed. The district also denied a Tribune public records request for the number of people who would be banned from entering schools.

CPS officials began the massive effort to redo background checks for school employees in June following a Tribune investigation that found some CPS employees who abused students had criminal backgrounds.

The employees who opted not to submit fingerprints risk losing their positions permanently. Employees who do not participate in the checks will be disqualified from future employment, Jackson said.

The review also included vendors who interact with students, such as custodians, engineers and school bus drivers. Last week, officials were still working to collect fingerprints from school volunteers.

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2 thoughts on “Democrat Run Chicago: 60 Teachers and 206 School Employees Fail Background Checks…

  1. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    Oh! That’s not good! So the people working in the schools can’t pas a simple background check. You need one for McDonalds so why not public schools!? And 245 refused to submit fingerprints. Hmmmmmmm. What could that be about? Doesn’t matter if you can’t pass a simple background check the you are toast!

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    1. People need to look long and hard at who they’re trusting to “educate” their children. And what their children are being “taught.” Liberals murder their kids, then brainwash normal people’s children to hate GOD, the U.S.A., the Constitution, and their own parents…and make us pay for it!
      We PAY for this madness, and we should start demanding our moneys worth and exercising control over the curriculum.

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