Armed American Stops Mexican with Knife in Colorado…

Police said an armed citizen stopped a knife-welding Mexican National on Monday who threatened a Greyhound busload of passengers and caused the bus to crash.

The Gazette identifies the Mexican National as 47-year-old Edmundo Arellanes-Audelo and indicates the bus crashed in Fountain, Colorado.

The Denver Post quotes Fountain Police saying, “[Arellanes-Audelo] gained access into the secured area of the bus and attempted to attack the driver while purposely grabbing the steering wheel.” The crash followed, after which Arellanes-Audelo exited through one of the bus windows in an attempt to escape.

He was confronted by an armed citizen who ordered him to drop the knife. Arellanes-Audelo complied and the citizen held him at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Passengers reported only minor injuries from the crash.

Arellanes-Audelo is facing “charges of felony menacing with a weapon, assault, reckless endangerment, felony criminal mischief and hindering public transportation.”

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2 thoughts on “Armed American Stops Mexican with Knife in Colorado…

  1. If that happened in Germany both the alien and the gunnholder would have been arrested. If police would find out that he had no permit to carry ( which is even hard to optain for LEO‘s off duty) he would have any weapons permit revoked, all arms confiscated and he would face trial for his „crime“.
    The attacker would receive a slap on the wrist after being held for 48 hours and set free. No jail.

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