3 Arrested in Texas for Plotting Mass Shooting at High School…

Three Texas high school seniors have been arrested for allegedly plotting to attack their school using guns and explosives.

Taylor ISD superintendent Keith Brown says students at Taylor High School overheard the 17-year-old boys discussing their alleged ‘detailed plans’ on Wednesday, and notified administrators.

A Taylor police detective and a school resource officer who were on campus at the time arrested the three and charged each with making a terroristic threat, a misdemeanor.

Devant Davis-Brooks, Emmanuel Pina Tejas, and Kadin Watson all aged 17, were taken to the Williamson County jail. Two remained in custody on Thursday.

Brown applauded the student who came forward with information on the suspects’ conversation, telling KXAN that the teen’s actions on Wednesday potentially saved many lives.

Authorities have released no information on a possible motive behind the thwarted attack.

In addition to the criminal charges that Davis-Brooks, Watson and Pina Tejas are facing, the teens will also be suspended from school for three days and then temporarily sent to an alternative school.

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2 thoughts on “3 Arrested in Texas for Plotting Mass Shooting at High School…

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    Hey Mr. Hogg! Where the heck are you? And why don’t you want part of this “conversation”!? Could it be because they are HS students just like you were and that they planned to kill other students? Crickets are all I hear!

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