Gun-Control Georgia Democrat Arrested for Murdering Her Campaign Finance Manager (by Shooting Him)…

Crazy eyes Collins apparently also stole his Subaru!


That’s like the ultimate injury to inflict on a liberal…

well, besides murdering him…

Kellie Collins, a former congressional candidate in Georgia’s 10th District, was charged with the murder of her former campaign treasurer, Curtis Cain.

The allegations of murder follow Collins’ advocacy for “responsible” gun control laws during her campaign. WSB-TV reports that she argued for stricter legislation “to protect the community.”

Police found Cain’s body in Collins’s apartment with a gunshot wound. Cain did not come in to work last Tuesday, prompting deputies to check in on him.

Police estimated that he was dead for roughly a week.

Collins turned herself in to police on Saturday, shortly after the body was found. The two were reportedly living together and may have been married.

Collins ran as a Democrat against Republican incumbent Rep. Jody Hice. In an interview, Collins said, “The GOP is targeting all women, minorities, members of the LGBT community and disabled people as lesser sections of society and you can see it in the bills they have passed and are attempting to pass so far in 2017.”

Collins also called President Trump an “unqualified demagogue” and was a proponent of socialized health care.

Collins dropped out of the race in 2017, a year before the charges, citing personal reasons.

In addition to murder charges, police charged Collins with grand larceny after Cain’s Subaru Legacy was reported missing.

Via: TheFederalist

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