How Stupid Are Democrats? Watch These Two Short Videos…

Let’s explore the current state of Democrat intelligence:

Now a peek at the “future” of the left:

2 thoughts on “How Stupid Are Democrats? Watch These Two Short Videos…

  1. Programs such common core , political correctness, the mandatory how not to offend Muslim sensitivities 101 , the bridge project, outreach and interfaith discourse actually make the Landslide Lyndon Johnson great society and the halt on bombing North Vietnam appeasement in addition to Bussing in public schools, all failures of The” hey ,hey LBJ how many kids did ya’ll kill today” crowd and barefoot hippies sound like Birchers , alter boys and Rhodes scholars. Liberal hubris and social engineering of doves became seditious Democrats before today’s party concerned with only welfare recipients and terrorist. The protected class of wet backs ,rag heads and rapist seriously have more rights,representation and opportunities than veterans, the little sisters of the poor and every other Americans indigenous and assimilated immigrants comprising all demographics. The lady justice weeps the brave tremble John Wayne that’s not you!! Mohammad, victor Charley and Hanoi Jane welcomes you to AMERKIA

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