U.K.: Four Arrested After Tossing Acid on Three Year Old Child….

Just after a protest against building a mosque in Worcester, someone throws acid on a 3 year old boy…

Police are seeking three men who may have information about a shocking acid attack on a three-year-old boy in Worcester, England.

The toddler was targeted at 2:15 p.m. in a Home Bargains store on Shrub Hill Retail Park, Tallow Hill, on Saturday 21st July, according to a West Mercia Police statement.

“At this time we are treating this as a deliberate attack on a three-year-old boy,” confirmed Chief Superintendent Mark Travis.

“The incident will rightly shock the local community and I would like to reassure local people that we are carrying out a thorough investigation to identify those responsible.

“At this time, the motive for the attack is unclear. Officers are working hard to establish exactly what happened and what the substance involved was.”

The boy was taken to hospital with “serious burns to his arm and face” after the attack.

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Arrests have been made, but don’t expect the names to be released…

Four men have been arrested in connection to an acid attack on a three-year-old boy in Worcester, England, on Saturday.

Three suspects, aged 22, 25, and 26 were detained in London on Monday — some 130 miles away from the cathedral city — on suspicion of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm, West Mercia Police confirmed.

A fourth man — aged 39 — from Wolverhampton arrested on Sunday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm remains in custody.

The three-year-old was being pushed in a pushchair by his mother in the budget homeware store Home Bargains on Saturday at 2:15 pm when a corrosive substance was thrown at or sprayed in his face in what police described as a “deliberate attack”.

The mother was heard to scream: “My baby, my baby, what have they done to my baby?”

The toddler was treated in hospital after suffering serious burns to his face and arm, but has now been released. However, the long-term implications of his injuries are as yet unknown.

Police say that the motive for the attack is currently unknown.

West Mercia Police released images of three men in their 20s (pictured) on Sunday in a public appeal, saying they had information “vital to our investigation” but it is unknown if those pictured are the suspects arrested at this stage.

Acid attacks have been on the rise in the UK in the past few years, with East London the worst affected.

Breitbart London reported in December 2017 that police revealed that Britain is one of the world’s worst countries for acid attacks, with more than 800 now recorded each year.

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3 thoughts on “U.K.: Four Arrested After Tossing Acid on Three Year Old Child….

  1. What this article doesn’t say tells us all we need to know about the state of the media, the state of the police, and the corruption of the UK. How many nation can allow such evil creatures to invade their nation demonstrates that the leadership of the nation is corrupt to the core and that the people have given up all pretense of decency.

    This is why Poland, Korea, or Japan do not suffer terrorist attacks by a religion of peace. Let Muslims stay in their own shitholes.

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