What the “Media” Hides From You: Most (real) British People Support President Trump…

If you listen to the lying “mainstream media,” you get the impression that ALL of the U.K. is dressed in drag and hates our President.

If you visit TriggerReset.net you know that American’s don’t much care what the British trannies think, and if you search around for REAL NEWS you will find that hidden beneath the stinking layer of drag queens and Commie-hippies that the “media” fawns over, there lies a huge number of actual British people that are embarrassed by the actions of the vociferous crowd of leftist filth, and still are willing to fight for their nation…

Thousands of Trump supporters and right-wing activists took to the nation’s capital on Saturday — a day after anti-Trump protesters had dominated the city.


The day started with a small pro-Trump rally outside the U.S. Embassy, featuring numerous red “MAGA” hats and U.S. and U.K. flags — as well as a few anti-Hillary Clinton shirts.

Later, approximately 3,000 people turned out near Trafalgar Square to show their backing of Trump as well as jailed right-wing and anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson.

Robinson, the ex-leader of the English Defense League, was jailed for 13 months beginning earlier in May for contempt of court after being arrested filming outside a court in Leeds. His supporters have claimed that the law was applied unevenly and have expressed concern for his safety in prison, considering his history of criticizing Islam.

A number of right-wing groups were present at the march, including Generation Identity — which calls itself a “European patriotic youth movement” — as well as a number of right-wing Western politicians.


Controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders made an address by video, while Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., spoke about the importance of free speech.

The speeches were a blend of support for Trump, Robinson and also concerns about the danger of mass migration and the importance of national sovereignty.

U.S. flags were again in abundance, as well as pro-Trump banners and placards reading “Britain Loves Trump.”


“The rubbish that was spouted about Trump yesterday, it’s complete unjustified vitriol against him,” Robert Stevens, wearing a Trump T-shirt, told Fox News.

He also rejected the idea that the majority of people at the protests were “far-right.”

“I don’t think we’re right wing, we certainly ain’t left but we just want what’s right and I think Tommy Robinson represents everything what’s right about just working class people speaking up to all the wrongs and that,” he said.

The event came to a close by a video of Trump reading the lyrics to “The Snake” — often used by Trump as an allegory for Islamic immigration.

The Trump and Robinson supporters then marched up through the street, which was marred by a group of a handful of Robinson supporters blocking traffic near Trafalgar Square.

Robinson supporters were likely to be buoyed by a Reuters report that said that Sam Brownback, the U.S. ambassador for International Religious Freedom, complained to the British ambassador in Washington D.C. about Robinson’s treatment.

Across the other side of London, a pub in Hammersmith had renamed itself “The Trump Arms” for the presidential visit and was scheduled to hold an event Saturday evening featuring hot dogs, cocktails and other American treats.

Decorated with copious amounts of American flags, MAGA caps and a life-size cutout of President Trump, patrons told Fox News they had come out of their way to show support for Trump.

Mark Nicholas said he objected to the way Trump had been treated when he visited London.

“If the Queen was treated in America the same way, we’d be up in arms,” he said. I think whether you like him or don’t like him, he should be treated accordingly.”

Landlord (currently going by the title of “chief of staff”) Damien Smyth, said that it was London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s approval of the “Trump baby” balloon that made him take the leap into changing the name of the establishment.

“What an insult, not an insult to Trump because he’s a tough old dog, there’s no problem with him,” he said. “But it is an insult to the good decent American people who did vote for Mr. Trump.”

Smyth said that they were seeing a huge increase of people coming to the pub, and the reception had been overwhelmingly positive.

Via: FOX

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6 thoughts on “What the “Media” Hides From You: Most (real) British People Support President Trump…

  1. Um. There was a straw poll in our local pub about this. A couple of nights ago.
    The result? Well there were a couple of likers.
    Only the more people talked, the more things were cited that they didn’t like.
    The more vocal talked about “his attitude towards others’.

    Interestingly for you there was one American present. The wife of the publican.
    She quietly saying (which shut everyone up) it was a two horse race and the ass got the job.

    What was universally disliked was Sadiq Khan. And I can only wonder why.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Was this a “drag” pub?
      No, just kiddin’.
      No-one has to like him, but I was rather “offended” by the protests, balloon, etc.
      Seemed beneath the dignity of the U.K., and very improper for a visiting President.
      I don’t recall us treating the Queen, or any other Brit in such a manner.
      Also, I’m disappointed that the smelly hippie on the ultra-light wasn’t shot in his face. Don’t care what anyone thinks on that, he was allowed to get way too close to the President and everyone else there. He could have had a grenade, firearm, or been loaded with explosives and crashed into the group. It could be a dry run to see how close someone could get, using a Greenpeace hippy. Hopefully some heads roll over that, they should have taken the shot.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The hippee?
        Oh you mean the paraglider,
        Actually I creased up with laughter when I read about it. Good youtube footage too.

        How many suicide bombers carry a sign saying “Trump, well below par” and fly at a sedate 8 knots at best? (Chuckle).

        Still the failing was within the security service planners. They were inept.
        Expect the unexpected and they didn’t!

        However no security screen is ever perfect and this was a prime example of that.

        As for shooting him?
        That would have been daft as he was already close enough that if he had a load on board, the damage would have extensive anyway.

        No my friend, they did the right thing, kept big head inside, and let it end without aggravating the situation.

        In my mind the detail commander assessed the threat correctly and choose the safe option.

        But it goes further than that.
        IF you can see the target you can hit him and the non official video shot of Trump playing golf (badly) AND RESPONDING to taunts is proof that his security was incredibly lax.

        Liked by 1 person

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