President Putin’s “Puppets”…

First, listen to this young lady as she lays down some truth concerning President Trump:

Next, this gentleman discusses the Democrat/ “media” hysteria of the week: (WARNING: Language…and keep watching, he gets going after a couple of minutes):

And lastly…watch Chuck Schumer put President Putin in his place. Schumer is vicious, and it’s almost hard to watch his strong take-down of Vladimir:

Wow! That was brutal…

I found the first two videos @ the most excellent IOTWReport

One thought on “President Putin’s “Puppets”…

  1. While President Trump is not a Kremlin’s puppet (like Obommie and Clintons are), his self-esteem and wish to be glorified as the greatest peacemaker of the world seem to overshadow his reason. And thug nations happily (ab)use it for their own thuggish profit.

    Hopefully Mr. Trump will get someday that there’s the only way to keep commie thugs meek and quiet, and it has a little difference from keeping street thugs meek and quiet.

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