California: Illegal Alien Lyft Driver Arrested for Four Rapes in “Sanctuary City”…

An illegal alien working for the ride-sharing service “Lyft” and living in the sanctuary state of California — where criminal illegal aliens are protected from deportation — has been accused of raping four women.

Orlando Vilchez Lazo, a 36-year-old illegal alien from Peru, was arrested last week in connection with four separate rapes of four women after the San Francisco Police Department say he matched the description of the so-called “ride-share rapist.”

The SF Gate reported this week that Lazo’s DNA linked him to the four rapes, leading to rape charges and a $4.2 million bond.

“These assaults were not date rapes,” San Francisco Police Department Commander Greg McEachern told the SF Gate. “They were not acquaintance rapes. These assaults were violent rapes committed by a serial rapist — a sexual-deviant predator who was not going to stop until he was caught.”

Police believe that the illegal alien — who did work for Lyft — picked up the four women on four separate occasions and ultimately raped them. Police say one of the rapes occurred in 2013, while the other three occurred this year. Lazo is now facing a life sentence.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency have asked that should the illegal alien be released from prison for any reason, he be turned over to federal immigration officials for deportation.

In the sanctuary state of California, though, local police departments are essentially barred from communicating with ICE, allowing criminal illegal aliens to often times be released back into California communities and neighborhoods.

“ICE maintains that cooperation by local law enforcement is an indispensable component of promoting public safety,” reads a statement from ICE officials in regards to the case.

“The San Francisco jail does not honor ICE detainers nor notify ICE about the impending release of aliens in its custody,” ICE officials continued. “In doing so, the jail not only provides a refuge for illegal aliens, but it also shields criminal aliens who prey on people in the community.”

Also this year, 39-year-old illegal alien Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez from Mexico was arrested and charged after he allegedly raped four women as an Uber driver in California. As Breitbart News reported, Alarcon-Nunez had already been deported in 2005 but re-entered the U.S. illegally through the U.S.-Mexico border.

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3 thoughts on “California: Illegal Alien Lyft Driver Arrested for Four Rapes in “Sanctuary City”…

  1. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    Way to go Cali! Not only do you let this asshat stay you allowed him to rape 4 women and now you have to feed and house him at your expense! Excellent! Wouldn’t that mean that Cali is on the hook to be sued by the 4 victims? Enough is enough!

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    1. I will never understand the Lyft/ Uber model.
      I don’t want smelly strangers in my vehicle, and I don’t want them to pick me up for a ride. I enjoy the freedom of driving my own truck or car and only being accompanied by family or friends.
      I don’t understand the “sanctuary city” thing either. The left is co-opting a biblical term, and using it incorrectly as well. Sanctuary was given to someone who had accidentally or unintentionally killed someone. It was not for those who intentionally broke the law.

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