Listen Up, London Leftists: No One Cares About Your ‘Feelings’…

Normally, I wouldn’t comment on the idiotic and ignorant actions of people living in other countries. If the leftists in London want to elect a Muslim mayor who defended the 9/11 terrorists, was endorsed by real anti-Semites, and who described an Islamic State executioner as a “beautiful young man,” that’s their business.

In fact, when people from other countries start bemoaning American election results, I typically tune them out. However, the recent attacks against President Trump are too much.

How dare these people lecture the president?

They’ve already surrendered their sovereignty and individual rights.

The problem London is facing is indicative of the battles happening all over the world where free men and women are being subjugated by a few activists, who think that their feelings and agenda matter more than reality.

I can’t ignore the disrespect some people in London, including the Muslim Mayor, are showing to President Donald Trump. He’s the leader of the free world, whether you like it or not, and to be quite frank, most American voters could care less about your feelings or thoughts, but your ‘protest’ is insulting. He’s there on a visit of State!

The recent call from Sadiq Khan demanding that Theresa May cancel the scheduled visit, and his approval of the ridiculous Trump ‘balloon’ are, to say the least, childish. At worst, it shows the petty attack of something he can’t understand—honor, decency, self-awareness, and strong leadership—perpetrated by a hypocrite in bondage.

Let me elaborate.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that “London is a beacon of tolerance, acceptance and diversity.” However, he has also said that that is the reason Trump should not be welcomed to the city.

The incomprehensible self-deception and duplicity here is staggering. It’s little wonder John Cleese is getting out.

Protestors vow to ‘take to the streets’ during the visit, while other, more rational citizens and officials have decried the absurd reaction of the left.

Nigel Evans told MailOnline, “’I am really pleased he is coming particularly so soon after Macron’s red carpet treatment in Washington. We should never take the Special Relationship for granted. We know the Left are going to be fuming that he is coming to the UK.

It is pathetic. The fact is that these are the same people who cheered Obama when he said before the EU referendum that we would be at the back of the queue for a trade deal. Trump is a man who loves the UK.”

But, of course, reasonable people are shut out by the screaming left and their media mouthpieces.

The ‘protestors’ who are angered by freedom and want their ‘voices heard’ are spoiled, illogical haters who apparently have nothing better to do than force their unwanted controls on society.

News flash Khan, the only ‘ignorant, divisive, and dangerous’ leader involved here is you.

Consider Brexit. Leftists are doing their utmost to thwart the legal will of the people. But, that shouldn’t surprise us. (BTW, Trump could probably fix it in less than a week.)

British voters have voluntarily handed over their right of free speech, self-defense, and personal healthcare. It’s only natural that their demand to leave the EU would be ignored.

Given the evidence, the British people are living under slavery, although they may not recognize it.

  • There is no free speech: Tommy Robinson has been jailed for violating ‘probation’ and reporting on a Muslim rape gang terrorizing children. Citizens weren’t allowed to fly their own national flag on St. George’s Day, because it may be considered ‘racist’ by non-English people.

  • There is no freedom: Alfie Evans was condemned to death because arrogant leftists decided that British citizens COULD NOT LEAVE the country to seek other medical treatment for their son. Socialist healthcare doesn’t work, so people are forced to accept it.

  • There is no right to self-defense: A recent ban on knives was passed, thanks to the Muslim Mayor, making citizens more at risk of death by the hands of terrorist ‘migrants’ flooding the city. Moreover, a 78-year-old man was jailed for stabbing an armed intruder. How is that freedom?

If you aren’t allowed to defend your life, you are in bondage.

Yet these leftists dare to lecture the elected President of The United States: a man who is working to defend the very freedoms these people were willing to forfeit?

I am not ready to lay down any of my rights for the illusion of ‘safety,’ or ‘equality,’ or any other load of bull the left makes up.

Most Americans recognize liberals in the U.S. are targeting these three rights, too. Most democrats do not want a nation of free men and women, they want serfs… while many people have reverted to plantation mentality, thinking it’s the government’s responsibility to take care of them.

That’s why we elected Donald Trump.

The leftists in control of London have created a city that has deteriorated into the uncivilized state of a third world country. And, that’s their goal for America. Simply look at the democrat controlled cities in the U.S.

Khan has established a London where honest, law abiding citizens may not walk the streets in safety or defend themselves in their own homes from rape and murder. Yet, he dares to call Donald Trump names?

So, to London leftists I say, before you experience the true depth of slavery you’ve accepted in the form of attack or prison, I really hope you wake up. Personally, whether you become a mindless member of an unholy global alliance or not, doesn’t impact me, nor your bent to serve liberal masters.

However, it may impact you the next time you’re walking down the street and are confronted by evil with no way to combat it.

God forbid.

I hate to see a country and city so rich in human history, strength, and heritage fall to the wicked resolve of a few men and women. But, honestly, I don’t care for the rude, insulting behavior to my President.

To all the crybabies enraged by Trump’s visit to London… I sincerely wish you’ll open your eyes to the pretense of your existence and embrace logic, rather than bondage and irrational feelings.

But, given your current and previous behavior, I don’t have much hope.

Via: Georgette @ CDP

Miss Georgette is doing GOD’s work over at the Conservative Daily Post. Add them to your bookmarks, and help her get the truth out!

Frank N. Blunt

6 thoughts on “Listen Up, London Leftists: No One Cares About Your ‘Feelings’…

  1. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that the British government was accessory to these protests because it allowed those „demonstrations“.
    (Yes, the British are such a free people that they have to ask for permission to demonstrate first.)

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  2. Born in the U.K. l am disgusted with the way they treated your President they may not like him or his politics ….but respect costs nothing and this just shows up the self-obsessed, self-opinionated Brits for what they are ……. l am an Englishman and respect costs nothing …… My apologies to all Americans for that show … dont judge us all by that display of ignorance it just shows them up …..

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