Dirty Democrats Try to Hijack House Hearing to Protect Their Own: Peter Strzok…

Great commentary by Howie Carr:

If the corrupt Democrats in the FBI and the DOJ have nothing to hide in the investigation of their attempted coup against Donald Trump, then why did their congressional enablers attempt to hijack the FBI corruption hearing yesterday?

Point of order! Point of order! Roll call vote! Mr. Chairman, may the witness be permitted to lie … I mean, answer the question! Point of parliamentary inquiry!

After hours of “testimony” from Peter Strzok, the most dishonest agent in the squalid history of the FBI, it becomes clear what the Mueller “investigation” is really all about.

It’s about providing cover for these bent Democrat dirty tricksters from the FBI to stonewall the investigation into their effort to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States.

Whenever Strzok said “ongoing investigations,” replace that phrase with “smear campaign,” “frame up” or “Democrat dirty tricks” and you’ll see what he really meant.

Here’s one of Strzok’s many non-answers:

“Sir, to get into that would relate to ongoing investigations which, consistent with the department’s policy on ongoing investigations … I’m not authorized to discuss ongoing investigations.”

In other words, he was dumb-Strzok.

It was embarrassing, deeply corroding to what little remains of the FBI’s shattered reputation.

The FBI, you might say, has Strzok out.

Remember H. Paul Rico, another FBI gangster who was dragged before Congress in 2002 to answer questions about an earlier infamous FBI frame up, here in Boston? Rico was about to be indicted for murder for a gangland hit he ordered in Oklahoma, but he was still more cooperative with Congress than Strzok yesterday.

Here’s how corrupt the FBI now is: The disgraced Strzok was allowed to decide himself what evidence he would turn over in this ongoing probe of unprecedented corruption in the FBI. In other words, he didn’t get any special treatment, he was handled exactly the same way the Democrat police state handled Hillary Clinton and James Comey.

Do you suppose the FBI let, say, Paul Manafort, or Michael Flynn or Michael Cohen decide what evidence they were going to turn over to Robert Mueller’s 13 angry Democrats?

Peter Strzok wanted to make a few things very clear yesterday.

Yes, he did tell his married girlfriend that he could “SMELL” (his capital letters) Trump supporters in southern Virginia, but he didn’t mean it.

Yes, he did tell his galpal that Trump supporters in Loudoun County, Va., were “ignorant hillbillies,” but he didn’t mean it.

He said he’s telling the truth — now — and he’s really not at all biased against SMELLY ignorant hillbillies, but how do we know he “means” it?

“Those opinions,” he said smugly, under oath, “were expressed out of deep patriotism and an unyielding belief in our great American democracy.”

What the corrupt FIB, I mean FBI, and their fellow Democrat dirty tricksters in the Justice Department tried to do was first rig the 2016 presidential election and then, after that failed, tried to frame the new president.

Ask yourself this: Why don’t the Democrats want to get to the bottom of this scandal that makes Watergate look like a spitball? A scandal with actual evidence and smoking guns, unlike the Russian collusion hoax.

Peter Strzok is an arrogant, pampered puke who brags about his “26 years of defending our nation.”

Defending our nation? Sharpening pencils, shuffling papers and chasing Lisa Page around the desk is defending our nation? Who knew?

“The FBI has a culture,” Strzok said. “Look at the entirety of the organization.”

Does it ever.

In Boston, we know all about the “culture” of the FBI — not just Rico, but Zip Connolly, Vino Morris, Agent Orange, Cloherty, Doc Gianturco. Stevie Flemmi said last month the gangsters here in Boston were paying off at least seven agents in the Boston office.

Seven FBI agents being bribed … in one office!

As we consider the corruption that is now being revealed in these current hearings, do you know what the best way is to describe the old Rico-Connolly days in Boston?

The good old days.

Via: Howie Carr @ BH

Does little Peter Strzok remind you of any other crazy, evil liberals???


THIS is what passes for an F.B.I. agent???



5 thoughts on “Dirty Democrats Try to Hijack House Hearing to Protect Their Own: Peter Strzok…

  1. They are a total disgrace and repugnance to all Americans. Personally I’m very proud of my fellow Texan Louie Gohmmert for his little outburst chastising that seditious punk about his derisive tone and cocky smile. Many of us real Americans would love to both kick the shit out of his lying,cheating cold heart beating subversive Lilly white ass and say the same damn thing that to Mr text as this brave former judge and hero of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness LG is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 100% agree, my fellow American!
      Mr. Gohmert did a great job!
      Should have asked if he kissed his mom with that lyin’ mouth as well…
      I also tire of the show of berating these leftist traitors, finally saying to them what We the People want to say…and then letting them go home free.
      Lock them away.
      There has to be some punishment, some reckoning…Or they’ll just keep on subverting our nation, it’s Constitution, and freedom.
      GOD bless the U.S.A., our President, and Texas…and you and yours…I added some GIFs to the post comparing Strzok, Hillary, and Manson. Have a look.

      Liked by 1 person

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