Americans Wish “Sweet Dreams” to the Terrorist Arm of the Democrat Party: Anti-fa…

The Democrats and their puppet master Soros have been sending their terror squads out to attack U.S. citizens. There’s nothing new in that as they’ve been attacking us for over a century.

First they mobilized their Ku Klux Klan thugs, then they pivoted to Hillary and Obama’s friends; “activist” hippies bombing Police stations.

Currently they are sending the Fascist-Commie Anti-fa goons…

Screaming obscenities and racial slurs while attacking, these filthy, smelly, leftist scum really do deserve some justice.

Watch how they treat Police officers (Around the 1:35 mark, they tell the Black officer what he is to them):

Well Democrats, justice is coming.

Here’s a few instances of “progressives” getting what they cry out for…JUSTICE:

I think these guys said it best, in their “outreach” to deranged, America-hating Democrats:

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