Why We Carry: Violent Thug Attacks Women at Work, Waitress Puts a Stop to His Rampage With Her Pistol…

Milwaukee police are looking for a man involved in an attack at a Milwaukee restaurant. The man punched the manager in the face and went after a waitress until she pulled a gun on him.

The incident was caught on surveillance video.

Everything happened pretty fast at a George Webb restaurant.

The manager at the grill that night said the customer was shouting at the waitress.

She told him to get out, and surveillance video shows the man viciously punch her in the face. He then he goes after the waitress.

The woman pulled out a handgun from her apron and only then did he retreat, still shouting at them as he left.

“Some people call it my district office,” Bob Donovan, a Milwaukee alderman, said of the restaurant.

Donovan is a regular customer and knows both workers who were attacked.

“I was shocked and disgusted quite frankly that any man would treat a woman that way, number one, but be so bold and so aggressive in assaulting her,” Donovan said.

Police are still looking for the man, who was identified after the manager posted the video on Facebook.

She didn’t want to be interviewed on camera, but said the man was a regular customer, angry because the food was taking too long.

She suffered a concussion but is back at work.

“I thank God that the one waitress had a concealed carry and pulled out her gun,” Donovan said, “I shudder to think what might have happened had she not been able to do that. What this guy would’ve done.”

The waitress with the gun, quit that night.

“It’s so sad that we have gotten to that point that a waitress working at a legitimate restaurant trying to eke out a living in my district, feels that they have to arm themselves for their own protection,” Donovan said.

Both the manager and Donovan say the waitress had a concealed carry permit and was allowed to carry the gun at work.

Via: WMCActionNews

3 thoughts on “Why We Carry: Violent Thug Attacks Women at Work, Waitress Puts a Stop to His Rampage With Her Pistol…

  1. Big man, attacks women.
    Guess he was sexually abused as a child.
    Either that or someone took his teddy bear.
    Of course colour and ‘his ethnic culture’ has nothing to do with it.
    In this wonderful PC, multicultural wonderland the wet have made.

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