Racist Torture “Leader” Gets Only Eight Years for Kidnapping and Torture of Handicapped Man…

The animals that did THIS got off really light. Reverse the races of the victim and his tormentors and it would have been a different story…

(Don’t forget that CNN thought it was all rather funny…HERE)…

  • Jordan Hill, 20, pleaded guilty to committing a hate crime and aggravated kidnapping in Cook County, Illinois court on Thursday 
  • The young man was considered the ringleader in the January 2017 Facebook Live attack of a white teen with schizophrenia 
  • Hill and three others lured the victim of an apartment in Chicago where they proceeded to tie him up and taunt him, yelling ‘F*** Trump’ among other things
  • Hill demanded $300 from the victim’s mother to release him
  • But the victim managed to escape the apartment on his own
  • Judge William Hook told Hill in court today that he ‘spit on the graves’ of black civil rights leaders with his actions  
  • Tesfaye Cooper, 20, is the only suspect left to face trial
  • Sisters Brittany and Tanishia Covington have already pleaded guilty and been sentenced for their crimes  


The alleged ringleader in the beating of a mentally disabled teenager that was livestreamed on Facebook has pleaded guilty to a hate crime and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Jordan Hill, 20, of Carpentersville, Illinois became the third of the four defendants to admit taking part in the attack when he entered the plea in a Cook County courtroom Thursday.

He also pleaded guilty to aggravated kidnapping.

The January 2017 incident received national attention because it involved a white victim and four African-Americans who taunted the bound-and-gagged teen with profanities against white people.

Prosecutors say Hill – a friend of the 18-year-old victim – took the teen to a Chicago apartment where he and three friends proceeded to tie him up and gag him, before cutting his clothes, hair and scalp with a knife.

The group recorded the attack on Facebook Live, and they can be heard yelling  ‘F**k Trump!’ and ‘F**k white people!’ in the background.

Prosecutors say Hill called the victim’s mother and asked for $300 in ransom for his return.

The victim eventually escaped and a police officer spotted him wandering down a street, bloodied and disoriented.

Before he was sentenced on Thursday, Judge Williams Hooks, who is also black, gave Hill a lecture on racial history.

‘I surmise you believe you have some pride in being an African-American, is that fair to say?’ Hooks asked Hill.

‘I’m proud to be black,’ Hill responded quietly.

Hooks then pointed out several portraits of civil rights heroes that hang in the courthouse, including Ida B. Wells and Frederick Douglass – none of which Hill could name. Wells was a black investigative journalist and Douglass was a social reformer who escaped from slavery.

‘Every time you take an act like this particular terrible act against this young man who couldn’t defend himself, you spit on the graves of all these folks that surround you in this courtroom,’ the judge said.

An attorney for the remaining defendant, 20-year-old Tesfaye Cooper, expressed interest in a plea deal on Thursday.

The two other suspects in the attack – sisters Brittany and Tanishia Covington – have already pleaded guilty to their crimes and been sentenced.

The attack took place at 25-year-old Tanishia’s West Side apartment.

She was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty in April, but is already free on parole due to time served.

Her younger sister, 20, was sentenced to four years of probation, which included a ban on using social media.

But software on her phone show she violated that order by  logging into Facebook on three different days in March.

She was taken into custody in April, but the judge has yet to decide the issue of whether to send her back to jail to finish the rest of her sentence.

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