30-year-old Weightlifting Liberal Kino Jimenez Attacks 16 Year Old Boy Over MAGA Hat…

Since the Democrats have given orders to attack Americans, their mindless zombie followers have been waking up at 2/p, leaving their parent’s basements festooned with earrings in their eyelids, and attacking.

Why does the left hate Americans so much?

Why do they hate children?

Seriously, 24/ 7 liberals either screech their twisted “justifications” to  murder babies, rape kids, or violently assault them.

I think the big question is, why do we put up with it at all?


“Progressives” are traitors, evil, and sick. “People” infected with liberalism should be locked away in chains for their own good, and for civilized society’s good. Any free should have to live very quiet, underground lives with each second terror filled that they might be spotted and identified as the monsters they are.

Behold, Mr. Jimenez:

A police report has been filed after a sixteen year old was eating at a Whataburger in San Antonio Texas and an unhinged man attacked him at the restaurant because he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

Video of the assault went viral along with several media outlets reporting on the incident:

The victim is 16-year-old Hunter Richard. The man assaulting the teen was identified quickly through social media as 30-year-old Kino Jimenez. According to follow-up reports Jimenez worked as a bartender in the area.

He has been fired from his job.

Kino Jimenez shows off his big arms that he will use to intimidate American children, hug his boyfriend, and flail about like a sissy when he gets his much needed ass-whoopin’…

The latest assault comes on the heels of Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters asking all social media activists to physically confront officials from the Trump administration. It does not come as a surprise to see this attack as a short distance from the requested political violence espoused by Representative Waters and the Democrat party.

Via: TheLastRefuge

A couple of thoughts for Mr. Hunter Richard:

  1. Don’t let anyone take your stuff.

  2. If you had confronted this p*ssy, he probably would have given your hat back. If he attacked, he’d be in much more serious trouble and get more of the “jail-house” lovin’ he obviously craves.

  3. If he beat you in a fight, you didn’t lose anything as he outweighs you, is older, stronger, and probably has more experience in rolling around struggling with sweaty men (though not in a fight). It would have given you some great experience in how it feels to sink your fist into a idiot’s face.

  4. You could have won. Big arms doesn’t make his groin, eyes, throat, or knees any stronger. Stomp the arches of his feet with all your weight, or side stomp his knees, or kick him in the groin. Then come up under his chin with your palm with all the fury you can muster, and all your momentum starting from your legs. When you get his chin back past his shoulders, he will go down and you can retrieve your hat and escape, or stomp him some more. Or attack his throat or eyes. Rip the glasses off and stab a couple of fingers in his eyes, or punch his “adam’s apple” or the side of his neck. Don’t take crap off of losers.

  5. If you see this, contact me by e-mail or through our comments, and I will send you a huge amount of information on how to defend yourself. Intuitive, easy to learn ways to put someone down who’s attacking you. It would be my honor.

May GOD smile on you sir, I’m sorry you had to experience an interaction with a liberal. Be aware and careful, as they are out there, they are rabid and sick, and they are evil.

11 thoughts on “30-year-old Weightlifting Liberal Kino Jimenez Attacks 16 Year Old Boy Over MAGA Hat…

    1. Great question!
      Every conservative candidate for the last few decades has been labelled as a Nazi/ KKK member, which I always found fascinating as the KKK is a Democrat group and has been from its founding, and Nazis were Socialists…just like the Democrats. Tolerant liberals have been attacking, both verbally and physically, conservatives since before the War Between the States! After the war, Democrats lynched Republicans, both White and Black. It wasn’t a White thing, or a Southern thing, it was a Democrat thing.
      It’s become more prevalent, violent, and open since 2016 as Obama’s election had emboldened the racists, and the “progressive” leaders have been calling for and defending attacks against Americans, but it’s nothing new for the left.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Racist. I hate that term.
        It’s used with the same frequency and insincerity as the phrase ‘hello and how are you’. Like most give a sh’t.

        Still here’s a few facts.
        In the UK I’m a racist because I’m
        English. Who said that? A Scot.

        I’ve also been called racist because I fly the English Flag (St George’s Cross.) as a bumper sticker. Who said that? Some ethnic jerk off in Bristol.

        I was even called racist because I’m a Christian who supported an elderly Salvation Army man who was being harassed by four ethnic minorities of the Muslim faith. That must have been because I flattened two of them. A 60 plus white Christian who dropped two scum bags of military age who were picking on an OAP.

        During a street survey (don’t you just hate those), some jerk listening in called me a racist because I want border controls.

        Take a flying guess about his ethnic origins? English but LIBERAL.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I agree. It’s been over used to the point it has no meaning, and those that use it most have no idea what it means. I like to sling it out on leftists because they are racist, and they insist on inserting race into everything. I also want them to think, research the truth, and change their ways.

          Liked by 2 people

  1. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    Social justice for a truly dispicable person. And they say the web doesn’t do good. Well, it found this jerkwad pretty damn fast and now he is a liberal asshat with no job! And a tainted persona that probably won’t serve him well in getting a job. nice!

    Liked by 1 person

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