Must Watch: Democrat Anti-fa Goon Attacks an American With a Stick; Gets Introduced to the Hook…

After being worked into a frenzy by the Democrat “leadership” and funded by Soros, “tolerant liberals” took to the streets this weekend to screech for no borders, no police, no guns, no profit, and any other weird madness they’ve had festering in their tiny, polluted brains.

First up, watch them attack (and then hastily retreat), on orders from Maxine Waters and her fellow “progressives.”

This needs to stop.


Now watch as this lefty hits an American with his Commie wand a couple of times before he gets some instant justice…

Well, that was a WIDE hook, maybe even a “roundhouse” punch…But no-one can argue with it’s effectiveness!

Please, liberals…


When you swing at someone with a weapon or throw explosives into a group, your target is in imminent danger and allowed to defend themselves. That can end up very bad for you.

You’re not fighting Fascism, you are Fascists.

You’re not “fighting Nazis,” you’re doing the bidding of, and financed by, a man who was a pal with real Nazis.

You are oppressing freedom, attacking Americans, and doing everything in your power to destroy one of the few places on this planet that freedom actually exists: The United States of America.

4 thoughts on “Must Watch: Democrat Anti-fa Goon Attacks an American With a Stick; Gets Introduced to the Hook…

  1. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    And for those of you that are uninformed look up fascist first and then watch. You make your own decision. And for the Anti-fa … get used to this kind of treatment. Make sure you know what they are getting you into. And make sure your health insurance is current!

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  2. What as these fools continue on their own paths to Saddam and Gomorrah it will note end well for the party of sodamites,trans-sexuals and the rest of the perverted deviants on the progressive left. God may forgive them but their current lifestyles are those of confusion, with their lives being hell on earth. J.C.

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