Georgia: Good Guy With a Gun Takes Out TWO Bad Guys in Shootout…

Thuglets were scoping out a couple at a DeKalb County, Georgia Krogers. They tailed them in and out of the store and when they decided to move on their targets, they got a very special surprise from their intended victims…

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – Crime scene tape remained up late into the night Friday at the scene of a shopping center shooting.

Three would-be robbers are in the hospital after the couple they targeted pulled a gun and fought back.

“It was chaos,” a witness told Channel 2’s Carl Willis. “I saw the guy was shot. I saw him on the floor, shot.”

The witness told Willis she came close to being caught right in the middle of a shootout herself.

“I remember I forgot something, so I went back to the store and I heard shots,” the witness said. “I just missed it.”

Investigators said three people followed a couple out of the grocery store along Wesley Chapel Road and into the parking lot.

“We believe that there may have been some sort of crime that was intended to happen at that time, whether it was a robbery or a carjacking, we really don’t know right now,” said Shiera Campbell with the DeKalb County Police Department.

But that group didn’t count on the would-be victims being armed.

There was an exchange of gunfire, but police said two of those who were shot were the alleged suspects. Police identified those people as Andrew Banks , 23, and Austin Harris, 18.

The third person shot was an innocent bystander, police said.

One was checked into a hospital for help. The two others were found on scene.

“(The suspect) was conscious, but there was a lot of blood. There was a trail of blood. He must have dragged himself into Kroger,” the witness told Willis.


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