College Indoctrination: Students Speak Their “Mind” on Supreme Court’s “Christian Baker” Decision…

If there is to be any hope of righting our nation, we have to purge academia of “progressives.”

We know that liberals are dumb, wrong, evil, and hate our nation.

There’s NO EXCUSE for letting them attempt to brainwash our children into their madness, and NO REASON they should be paid for doing so.

Look at the products they are churning out. Most of these kids can’t string together an intelligent sounding sentence, much less defend their position with reason.

These are the “educated?”

It goes beyond just churning out new airheads to vote for Democrat traitors…

By indoctrinating students non-stop into Democrat doctrine and then requiring a degree of some sort for any government employment, the left has loaded up federal bureaucracies with little programmed leftist Nazis who then bitterly wield whatever authority they have to subvert our rights and further the left’s goals. It’s how we get dimwits like THIS man, who thinks he is an F.B.I. agent…

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