President Trump Takes CNN to the Woodshed; Lays Down the Law to Our “Allies” and Others…


An AMERICAN is in the house…

Via: FOX

Nice commentary on this:

Sticking with foreign policy, in the aftermath of the G-7 summit the Democrat-Left-Media complex and the Eurabians are all butthurt that PDT has insulted them and not knuckled under, like previous administrations have (for the most part) since the end of World War II.

With all due respect to Europe and the Left, which is to say none at all, GFY.

The President is right; we spent our blood and treasure liberating you from ideologies of your own making twice in a generation and after rebuilding your continent and economies, we’ve spent nearly 75 years afterwards funding your dissolute, insane, cheese-eating, wine-guzzling, adulterous lifestyles while protecting you from Russia, all to see you committing cultural suicide at our expense and then blaming us, evil Jooz, capitalism, Christianity and the 40 hour work week for the ills you brought upon yourselves, as the illusion of the European union collapses around you.


Via: AceofSpades

2 thoughts on “President Trump Takes CNN to the Woodshed; Lays Down the Law to Our “Allies” and Others…

  1. OK, I’m ready for the hate mail.
    The relationship he thinks he has with the rest of the world is fading fast.
    Why? Because he changes his mind as fast as he can Tweet.

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    1. No hate from me, buddy.
      I disagree, but we can disagree and still be civil…I mean, we’re not liberals, right?
      From my perspective, he seems to stomp around shoving aside most of the world’s other leaders to put us in front.
      I love it!
      And I don’t care how shocked their sensibilities are. Their place is not to like or dislike it, but simply to fall in line and obey. I’m tired of wasting money because some foreign dork “believes” in AGW…It’s not real and everyone knows that, so I don’t want to spend another penny or another second on it. Basically, I trust the President concerning trade, tariffs, etc. Out of ALL the G7 attendees, he’s the only one who has ever built anything, or ran a business empire at the level President Trump has.
      Look at the absolute mess German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made of Germany concerning “migrants.” (And some of the others as well.) If we think they are so intrinsically stupid on that subject, why would we think that they suddenly developed a brain on trade?
      Of course, we know that they’re NOT totally stupid…Their madness is by design to usher in some sort of global utopian (for THEM) future.
      So again…Why would I trust any of these people on any subject?
      Why would their citizens?
      But, no hate for you sir. I hired President Trump to swagger around and put the treasonous American left, and some of our more squishy “allies” back in their place. For our allies, back in line; For the Democrats, in the trash-bin of history.

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