Italy: “Migrants” Beat the Police, Who Then Run Away…

Italy’s populist deputy Prime Minister has rallied to the defence of police officers who were hospitalised by a migrant gang during an illegal goods seizure.

One Carabiniere officer received a broken nose and the other chest injuries as they retrieved counterfeit goods, including 160 fake designer bags, and were attacked by a group of Senegalese migrant street vendors.

Footage of the attack shocked Italy as it spread on social media, and highlighted worries that the country is overwhelmed by the number of illegal migrants trapped there thanks to European Union (EU) rules.

The attack occurred near the famous Piazza dei Miracoli, in Pisa, Tuscany, according to Corriere Della Sera.

After the officers were taken to the hospital, disturbances reportedly continued, with some of the Senegalese traders trying to calm down their more violent and disruptive counterparts.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the populist co-governing Lega party, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of the Interior, shared footage of the attack on Facebook, writing “sellers attack the carabinieri” and promising “solidarity and best wishes for a good recovery”.

He added that more “expulsions for illegal immigrants and restoring a climate of legality to our cities is my goal”.

Salvini spoke about the incident at a rally in support of a regional mayor, telling the crowd: “The Minister of the Interior and Italy is with you, the attackers will start to be afraid.”

Lorenzo Cardogna, the provincial secretary of a police union, told the newspaper Il Giornale that it was “yet another example of violence against the police, with a severely injured Carabiniere, whom we express all our solidarity and best wishes for a speedy recovery”.

He said the incident gave “a snapshot of a paradoxical situation in our city, with people who live constantly outside the law, practising an illegal trade, in the belief that the institutions can not do anything against them”.

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5 thoughts on “Italy: “Migrants” Beat the Police, Who Then Run Away…

  1. Italy: “Migrants” Beat the Police, Who Then Run Away ???
    WTH. Does some fool actually think that’s what they want to do?

    I’m amazed by the restraint of the world’s police forces approach to handling these (putting it nicely) criminals.

    I put it down to the (ROE) rules of engagement and (ROL) rule of law they have to abide by.
    Both written by lame politicians, their stupid spin doctors, their limp wrist lawyers, and their justice system..

    That’s the reason why most cops and grunts get hurt or break contact.
    They are restrained by both the ROE and the ROL which the ‘criminals’ don’t give a toss about.

    Thus the good guys won’t react with the ‘careful measured response” the situation requires.
    Beating the sh’t out of, or tagging, the main trouble makers.

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    1. I’m not doggin’ the Police (“dogging’ means something different here than in the U.K.), I’m pointing out the ridiculous position that governments have put their citizens (and the Police/ Fire/ etc.) in.
      Disarming their populaces, tying the hands of law enforcement, and dumping hordes of hate-filled third world devil worshiping savages is…stupid.
      Setting by an allowing it is…stupid.
      Europe’s “media” is even more leftist than ours, and their governments have been censoring what’s occurring and punishing those who try and speak out. I normally don’t get involved too much in another nation’s affairs, as I resent it when I see dipshit comment from other nations on ours. And, of course being a “crude American cowboy,” I don’t give a flying damn what the “rest of the world” thinks.
      It appears to me that they don’t think much at all, except how they can snuggle up further to Soros and his globalist gang of witch doctors. But I do try and get some real information out to others in case there are some who still love their nation and family.
      And I post things like this as a warning to my fellow Americans: “DON”T be like THEM.”
      Not bashing the Police, or even Europe; I’m bashing “progressives”…

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      1. Progressives, liberals or limp democratic governments, there is not a lot to choose between them in my mind.

        It’s them that have made the law abiding defenceless thus encouraging the criminal element to act. They safe in the knowledge that the law abiding will always be found wrong by TPTB and that alone will deter them from acting appropriately.

        Yet it is the security forces of whatever flavour that carry the biggest burden.
        Been there, done that, have scars to prove it.

        Trying to operate, to “protect and serve in US terms” with both hands and feet tied by red tape and the asinine laws of the civilised world. Laws and ROE. Them written by those who haven’t a clue.

        Perhaps street justice is what is needed at times with whatever security present taking a long coffee break. That and banning camera phones.

        Lawlessness to counter lawlessness.

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