Memphis: Homeowner Kills Two Home Invaders With His AK-47…

“Who needs a ‘weapon of war’?”…EVERY American!

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis Police have identified two suspects that were killed during the apparent burglary of an East Memphis home.

Azell Witherspoon, 28 and Demond Robinson, 17, were both killed during the alleged attempt.

The shooter will not face charges, police told FOX13.

Less than 24 hours after the shooting, FOX13 spoke with the shooter and resident, who didn’t want to be identified. He credits quick-thinking for his safety.

“He picked up his weapon, turned around and points them at me,” he said. “Two pistols.”

The homeowner told FOX13, he was walking inside the house with a close family friend when they ran into the suspects.

The victim’s friend ran outside and one the suspects allegedly began shooting in his direction from the porch.

“They were outside the house, but they were firing at my play cousin,” the man said.

The homeowner, still inside, grabbed his AK-47.

“I just let loose, not knowing it hit both of them,” the man described.

Both suspects died on the scene.

“I mean, we’re in Memphis, you’re going to need a gun,” the homeowner said.

A gun he wishes he never needed, but used to kill two people who came to rob him.

Via: FOX13

8 thoughts on “Memphis: Homeowner Kills Two Home Invaders With His AK-47…

    1. I’ve often thought that there should be some type of reward…Maybe a few hundred dollars and replace their ammo. This man stepped up and did the job, and made his community and the nation a little safer. He probably saved the lives of some people by taking these two out. We should reward a good citizen!

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    1. Never heard that it was actually Schmeisser who constructed the AK! I sort of always wondered since the AK seems to have so many similarities with the Sturmgewehr 44…

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