Florida: Masked Man Brings Stick and Scissors to a Gunfight…

A Little Caesars employee shot and killed a man in a mask who attacked him with a wooden post and scissors on Saturday night, police revealed.

Heriberto Feliciano, 28, was closing up the pizza shop in Holly Hill, Florida around 11.50pm when the man suddenly attacked him.

Surveillance footage captured the man walking to the store, wearing the mask and carrying the wooden post in one hand.

British media calls this a “clown mask.” They sure must have some scary clowns over there…

Cameras then captured the moment the man began hitting Feliciano with the post just as the employee walked out of a side door at the shop.

Feliciano told police that the man repeatedly hit his face and shoulder with the post until it broke, according to Fox35.

When the post broke, the man allegedly pushed Feliciano to the ground and tried to stab him with the scissors.

That’s when Feliciano pulled out his concealed weapon and ‘fired multiple rounds at the suspect’, according to Holly Hill Police Chief Stephen Aldric.

Feliciano said he fired four or five shots during the altercation. He then got up, put the gun on the trunk of his car, and called police.

Police found the man bleeding in the parking lot. He was taken to the hospital and died from his injuries.

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