Pennsylvania: Election Worker Pleads Guilty to FORCING Americans to Vote for Democrat Candidates…


A North Philadelphia election worker has pleaded guilty to election fraud during a 2017.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro says 59-year-old Thurman George, a machine inspector at Poll 43-7, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to frauds by election officers. George, along with three other election workers, was accused of harassment and intimidation against voters who wanted to vote for candidates of their choice, but not the candidate being pushed by the city’s Democratic Party machine.

Minority inspector Calvin Mattox previously pleaded guilty to not meeting the qualifications of election officers for living outside the district in which he was working, while Dolores Shaw, the judge of election at Poll 43-7, received an accelerated rehabilitative disposition for compromising the local election board. A pre-trial conference for Wallace Hill, a bilingual translator, has been scheduled for June 6.

The incident happened during a special election in March 2017 for the 197th State House District.

“My job is to uphold Pennsylvania law to ensure free and fair elections,” Shapiro said. “We are drawing a clear line – during a time when the integrity of our country’s elections are being questioned – the sanctity of ‘one person, one vote’ must and will be upheld here in Pennsylvania.”

George has been sentenced to five years probation and is prohibited from voting for four years.

Via: CBSLocal

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania: Election Worker Pleads Guilty to FORCING Americans to Vote for Democrat Candidates…

  1. Why should this man ever be permitted to vote again? Also he should have the letters VF burnt into his hand to insure he can’t vote and can instantly be recognized as the sort of creature he is.

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