How Sick Are Liberals? More Sick Than You EVER Imagined…

WARNING: Some offensive material…(as you would expect when dealing with liberals)…

The fellow in our feature photo was a teacher. That should highlight what we’ve been saying about abandoning your children to public schools.

As you watch these, remind yourself that THESE are the freaks who think they are superior to YOU!

They think they are smart! They think they are capable of ruling nations! They think they have a lock on science!

First: People who have sex with dirt and trees and such…

Just when you thought the radical environmental movement could not possibly get any stranger, another absurdity comes along.  A few years ago, Professor Elizabeth Stephens at U.C. Santa Cruz published something she called the Ecosex Manifesto.

 She encouraged her art students to have sex with the Earth. This involved tree hugging and licking, writhing in the mud,  and many other bizarre behaviors.

Now Professor Sarah Ensor at the University of Michigan is fully embracing this and has proposed that people start erotic relations with plants.  She believes that environmentalism cannot fully develop without these “relationships.”

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Next: This freak rails against “speciesism” or some such nonsense. Bear in mind she’s crying over a CHICKEN…

While many animal rights groups focus on improving the living conditions of animals used for food, Direct Action Everywhere demands nothing less than total animal liberation. But just what does that mean?

A world in which we have achieved total animal liberation is a world where every animal, regardless of their species, has legal personhood instead of property status, and this world is not as far off as you might think.

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And last: We have this fruitball who should NEVER be allowed around a child suggesting parents get consent from newborns before changing their diaper…

4 thoughts on “How Sick Are Liberals? More Sick Than You EVER Imagined…

  1. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    Ummm …. really not a whole lot to say here. Now as for the eco-sex being taught at U of M, well, all I can hope for is that they get a chance to do it in January in a snowstorm. That would be great! That’s all fo now. Enjoy!

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    1. The longer you watch, the weirder it gets. I see people who should be locked away for the good of society and themselves. They should NEVER be allowed to vote, drive, or be around children. Or teach their sickness to others.


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