Life-long Liberal Gun Hater Becomes Lifetime NRA Member and Gun Owner…

One guy held a gun in my face and the other held a gun to the back of my head. But after 33 years of being an anti-gun advocate, my views didn’t change overnight.

I was 14 years old when John Lennon was killed — it affected me deeply and it was the biggest event that led to my anti-gun feelings. As I got older, my heroes were JFK, RFK and MLK, which furthered my anti-gun sentiments.

By my late teens I thought the Second Amendment was not relevant to our modern-day society and it should be repealed. The Second Amendment was only relevant to muskets, right?

In 2012 I tweeted: “@BarackObama please repeal the 2nd amendment and stop the @nra.”

Then in 2013 I tweeted: “I was mugged, two guys with guns, right after getting off 19 at Polk and Francisco last night about 10.30. @mayoredlee @sfmta_muni”

In early 2016, I decided to leave San Francisco and to build a house in Washington. Previously I lived most of my life in apartment buildings with security entrances that provided a tad more security, but as my house was being built I started wondering what I would do in the event of a home invasion.

I knew right away becoming a gun owner was going to be the best way to defend myself.

I gave it a lot of thought and decided I was going to purchase a gun and learn to shoot it and decided I was going to get a concealed carry permit.

After researching the gun restrictions in California, I decided to wait until I moved to Washington where they recognize the right to keep and bear arms.

I moved into my house in July 2016 and purchased my first gun in October 2016 and then immediately applied for my concealed carry permit.

I was a lifelong Democrat. In the 2016 presidential debates I watched as Hillary Clinton said “I support the Second Amendment.” I didn’t believe her for a minute but at the time of the election I had been a gun owner for less than two weeks so I voted for her anyway.

I started going to the range and discovered that I really enjoyed target shooting. I joined the NRA in late 2016. At first I was a little turned off by how often the NRA spoke out against the left, but I gradually came around to see how extremely anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment the left was. For a large portion of them, their ultimate goal is a full gun ban and to repeal the Second Amendment — I know I was one of them.

In February 2017, I upgraded my NRA membership to become a life member and it was around this time that I renounced the Democratic Party because they were so anti-gun and anti-Constitution.

I guess I was an independent for a few months and I gradually started to realize that deep down I had always been conservative on many issues and that my liberal views had changed on guns and a few other issues.

When I came out as a conservative, an NRA member and a Trump supporter, a few people started a campaign to get me fired from one of my social media jobs after I retweeted Tucker Carlson, Dana Loesch, Laura Ingraham, President Trump and the NRA on my personal Twitter. The companies I work for are nonpartisan so my personal views are irrelevant to my work. My views are my own, yeah?

Conservatives need to stop being the silent majority and speak up as proud Americans, supporters of the Constitution, the NRA and of President Trump. We can’t let the left silence us on social media and stop us from speaking publicly. They want to take away our First and Second Amendment rights but we are not going to let them.

To my easily confused friends on the left — no, I am not calling for violence; no, I am not a terrorist, no, I am not racist. Peace.

Ryan Moore is a social media strategist and writer. He is @RyanMoore on Twitter and Instagram.

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9 thoughts on “Life-long Liberal Gun Hater Becomes Lifetime NRA Member and Gun Owner…

  1. I’m still a liberal and also getting my permit. Personally I’ve never been a one issue voter and am happy to be the poster boy for non binary politics. I generally still vote Democratic, preferably independent when I can, still believe in most of my liberal values (live and let live, social safety net, healthcare for all and equal treatment in the eyes of the law for everyone to name a few) but I also support the right of individual Americans who aren’t a danger to themselves and others to have and use firearms. There are more of us out there than anyone thinks.

    Oh and I am also willing and able to let you believe what you believe and willing to listen to why. Also, I am willing to have my mind changed, to me that is one of the most important liberal principals there is.

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    1. Great!
      Good luck with the permit, and train some with your firearm. If you ever need some tips on concealment, different firearms, etc., please feel free to ask. I’ve carried for a while, and already went through several different firearms, calibers, holsters, and methods of carry to get to the point that CC is simple, comfortable, and automatic. Maybe I (or some readers) can help a little and save you some money.
      Out of all the liberal values you list, there’s only one that I would label as liberal: healthcare for all. I’m unsure how you see live and let live as liberal, as I only see the left as micro-managing every aspect of every individual’s life.
      We (the “right”) don’t particularly care what someone drives, if they own a firearm, who they have sex with, what they believe, what they smoke, eat, set their thermostat at, etc.; It seems to me that the Democrats are the group who desire to force their beliefs on everyone. They feel they have the right to force us all to give up firearms, betray our beliefs, openly embrace (not simply “tolerate) abhorrent and unhealthy lifestyles and failed political systems, and drive a Hyundai Dinkus hybrid in order to save some freakin’ Polar Bear. I’m glad that you’re not in that camp!
      And thanks for commenting.

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  2. I think there is a contingent in both parties that want to dictate through policy. Some deeply religious folks on the right care deeply about things like ending abortion and stopping gay marriage both of which were very much forced through legislation by people considered “right leaning”. I live in a rural area and have seen how I also think there is a misconception in both camps that it is what the members of the other party tend to believe and what those people want to push legislatively.

    I think part of the problem is that we all tend to paint each other with a broad brush.

    Not a single Democrat I know is for making people give up firearms for example.

    As to whether or not the things I listed are “liberal” or not I’m glad to hear that the majority of those stances I listed are shared by some on the “right”. I think the lesson we have here is that we share more than we don’t we just have to talk to each other more often.

    I’m sure there are aspects of my philosophy which you don’t agree with, I’m a firm proponent of finding a solution, whether it be by legislation or through encouraging the market to tackle the issue of global warming, which I’ve been convinced by studying the science behind it, is happening. Not (just) to save some freaking polar bear, but also the humans that will and already are being affected by a changing climate. I think there are solutions that don’t force people to do things but convince them through economic incentives and factual demonstration. We probably disagree on that and that’s fine.

    I live in a rural area and have seen first hand how both legislation and corporate manipulation have killed family farming.

    I generally don’t vote democratic reflexively, I’m also Black and I see how that party has used us or suddenly realized that we exist when its politically expedient. I vote democratic because the part and I align on many issues. I am not a registered democrat, haven’t been since 2 years ago.

    Look, I don’t think we all should agree on every issue. Its essential to the republic that we don’t actually, the founding fathers didn’t agree about every aspect of the constitution but they managed to ratify it nonetheless. they also built in the ability to change it as society changed. If your values and beliefs aren’t challenged there is no way to verify whether they are true or not, I’d rather be wrong occasionally and grow than think I’m right all the time and stagnate.

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    1. Fair enough…and an excellent comment/ reply.
      I do agree with the U.S. having an urgent need to save farms. Often a family farm is broken up into a subdivision after the farmer passes and the family can’t afford the “estate tax.” The land that great grandfather bought for $250.00 an ace is now appraised at $3,800.00/ acre…and the children have to sell, as they can’t come up with the hundreds of thousands needed to pay the tax…on land that was already taxed repeatedly, paid for by the family income left over after taxes, etc.
      Too many taxes!
      We (the U.S.) used to feed the world, and I don’t see the world being so gracious to us if we run all our farmers out of business.
      Yep, I oppose abortion. I don’t see how activist judges pulled that out of a “right to privacy,” nor do I see it as “women’s reproductive health.” It seems to be the opposite of reproduction to me. Gay marriage is, to me, a fake issue…no such thing, and there never was. To me the issue is a “fake right.”
      U.S. citizens have exactly the rights protected in our Constitution, and marriage isn’t mentioned at all.
      Hey, thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to have a conversation with a Democrat voter who isn’t screaming “Nazi.” I find that very offensive, as I come from a family who had men suit up , cross the ocean, and shoot Nazis right in the face.
      Don’t be too put off by our “style” here…it’s Trigger Reset…We intend to trigger, with the hope that some will be motivated to prove us wrong, realize that we’re correct, and possibly examine more of their political philosophy to see if it makes sense as well. We also feel we need to push back hard. I scan leftist sites and listen to their talk shows, and they’re pretty harsh on Conservatives…stupid, racist, uneducated, rednecks, Nazi, etc….so we don’t hold back when we point out what we see as liberal/ “progressive” faults and failures…
      It’s not personally directed at you.
      GOD bless you and yours…Frank

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  3. I, on my site am absolutely critical of what I see as illogical and yes, biased, on the right. I’d be a hypocrite if I said otherwise.

    BUT I am currently and have been since I started blogging in 2016, critical of my fellow lefties as well as I don’t believe that anyone from any school of thought is perfect. I have been critical of myself for my own preconceptions and assumptions and have changed if not my mind at least my perspective on many issues.

    I will have to argue the notion that the estate tax is an undue burden, the exemption is somewhere in the neighborhood of 5mil (per person, 11 per couple) currently and what’s taxed above that really shouldn’t cripple anyone. That is a Grover Norquistesque exaggeration and along with numerous exemptions (many especially geared to agriculture) the “losing the farm narrative” doesn’t ring true. Although I will admit that some states also have s=estate taxes that could be considered unfair.

    I am all for making people pay their fare share but I do sometimes struggle with where that lies. Honestly I believe that the burden of taxation on people who really can’t afford being taxed so heavily should be shifted to people who make the majority of their money from investments. There is no reason that a source of passive income should generate less revenue than that of people who actually go to work for a living.

    I’m all for healthy debate, yeah I sometimes use satire on my site to “call out” things that I think are stupid, but in my conversations with people I stay away from calling names. Do unto others and all.

    I do get that last point but I also think that people on both the right and the left really need to stop using the big brush terms to paint each other. I don’t go for language that demeans people’s beliefs and only call someone a Nazi when that actually ARE a Nazi.

    I know a lot of folks who voted for Trump and although I disagree vehemently with him and sometimes them, I always either keep it civil or walk away when I find my temper rising. Regardless of what we believe we are, and I feel that I am American first and everything else second. I love my country and its people even though I may disagree with them a lot of the time.

    I wish you and yours nothing but good health, happiness, prosperity and good debate.

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    1. “I wish you and yours nothing but good health, happiness, prosperity and good debate.”
      And the same to you…
      Of course, being a Conservative I believe in:
      1. More guns
      2. Less tax
      3. No gun tax
      I’m kidding, but those are pretty good ideas!
      I want to starve the government of tax money. They’re inefficient, sneaky, and they often use our money to fund things I disagree with. To me the role of government is to defend the nation, you know…blow up things that need blowing up, and kill people that need killin’, build a road or bridge or two, and that’s it. Almost everything else they touch, they screw up.
      Also, many family farms will be above the threshold for the estate tax. Even if someone’s not a farmer, I don’t like taking their money, that they earned, the leftovers after paying taxes their entire life… and giving it to the government. It’s THEIR money, and they have every right to leave it all to their family, or the family dog if they want. I know we disagree, but it seems very wrong to take someone’s inheritance.
      Once out with some family, we passed a large estate. I wondered what the guy did, and if they were hiring. I blessed them as we drove past, and asked GOD to bless me to provide well for my household. One of the other passengers said,” I bet he didn’t earn all that…it should be taken away from him and divided up so several poor families could live there.” I didn’t say anything, but I was stunned at her coveting of someone’s property, and her jealousy of some stranger’s success.
      Freedom is messy. Some win, some lose.
      But I prefer the risks over some bland, false and forced “equality.”

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