The Strike on Syria: Russians Claim 71 of 103 Missiles Shot Down. See for Yourself if That’s True…

The early morning coalition strikes on Syria’s chemical weapons infrastructure Saturday destroyed three critical targets, crippling the Syrian regime’s ability to create chemical weapons.

“We sent a very clear message last night,” Pentagon spokesman Dana White explained Saturday, further commenting, “We hope he [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] heard it.” Around 4 a.m. in Syria, American, British, and French naval and aviation assets opened fire on multiple targets associated with the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons program.

The three targets included the Barzah research and development center in Damascus, Him Shinshar chemical weapons storage facility near Homs, and the Him Shinsar chemical weapons bunker. Marine Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. described the coalition strikes on these targets as “precise, overwhelming, and effective.” He added that coalition forces “delivered a very serious blow” to the “heart” of Syria’s chemical weapons program.

The Russians are saying most of the U.S. missiles were shot out of the sky. This video shows “Syrian” air defense firing, and clearly shows our missiles getting through and hitting targets…Watch:

(Note: YouTube took this down for some reason, but we’re re-posting it.)

British, French, and American air and naval assets in the Red Sea, the North Arabian Gulf, and the Eastern Mediterranean hammered the above sites with more than one hundred missiles.

Located in the Red Sea, the Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Monterey and Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Laboon fired more than a dozen Tomahawk missiles. The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Higgins fired Tomahawk missiles from the North Arabian Gulf while a French frigate and the American Virginia-class submarine John Warner launched various missiles out of the Eastern Mediterranean.

From the air, B-1B Lancers fired 19 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles (JASSMs) while British Tornadoes and Typhoons launched multiple Storm Shadow missiles alongside French Rafales and Mirages firing off SCALP cruise missiles.

This multinational response reportedly “overwhelmed Syrian defenses,” which were primarily employed after the coalition strike had ended. “No Syrian weapon had any affect on anything we did,” McKenzie explained.

The Barzah research and development center was hit with 76 missiles, including 57 Tomahawks and 19 JASSMs. This site, a critical facility for the research, development, and production of chemical weapons, “does not exist anymore,” McKenzie revealed.

The Him Shinshar chemical weapons storage facility was struck by 22 missiles, including nine American Tomahawk missiles, eight storm shadows, three naval cruise missiles, and two SCALP missiles. The other Him Shinshar facility was hit by a total of seven SCALP missiles.

The U.S. is “still conducting a detailed damage assessment,” but officials believe the U.S. and its allies “accomplished our objectives,” Mckenzie told reporters.

“The use of chemical weapons anywhere in the world is an inexcusable violation of international law, and the United States will not tolerate it,” White stated clearly in her remarks at the Pentagon.

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14 thoughts on “The Strike on Syria: Russians Claim 71 of 103 Missiles Shot Down. See for Yourself if That’s True…

  1. Yeah I’m sure they will be parading the wreckage of all those missiles they destroyed through NYC prior to displaying them to the UN. Tehran, Moscow, Bejing and the Norks are shaking in their boots.

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    1. It may be a false flag. I don’t trust any of the groups involved in Syria…except us.
      However, President Trump’s hands were tied on this by policies made before he took office, and it’s possible he and his staff has access to much more intel than we do. In general, I trust him. I don’t think it will turn into WWIII.

      Liked by 1 person

              1. He needed to like yesterday. I don’t know why he can’t see who they are and what they are trying to do, He needs to mop house, drain the swamp or whatever.
                I agree that if the globalist libbies regain control, the whole lot of us is screwed.

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              2. Thanks for the many likes! I will be liking your posts as well, looks like we have a lot of the same feelings on issues. Except, you might be a little more optimistic than I am. My cup tends to be half empty. That’s what makes people interesting though, there must be a sarcastic pessimist (that would be me) in the mix for fun.

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              3. And thank you!
                I’m hoping President Trump is the “outsider” that can destroy the “swamp,” and I see some signs of it, if the “swamp” doesn’t get him first (GOD forbid). He’s pretty tough, and real smart. He’s also used to exactly these types of power players and had success his entire career dealing with snakes. It’s funny when the leftist media claims he’s out of his element; President’s and Kings get giddy at the thought of an invite to dine with him, and have for decades.

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  2. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    Kind of a moot point really. I wasn’t able to count the hits from the vid but that was just one location and who knows. I lean toward the BS effect of the claim but it’s still moot. Looks like they took a serious pounding anyway. Saw AA fire early but no AA missile trails. So whatever.

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    1. I think the Russians are embarrassed, and trying to protect their arms sales. No-one would be interested in their tech if it can’t stop the Americans.
      I hope we have stuff no-one knows about…missile defense, some hardening against EMPs, and stuff that can shoot down the new hyper-sonic Russian missiles that Hillary gave them the tech for…If she gave them our tech, we should have it, right?


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