Germany: Man Drives Van Over People at Restaurant; At least Two Dead, Several Injured…

  • Driver ploughed through crowds outside a traditional restaurant near Münster’s Kiepenkerl statue and pub
  • He shot himself dead inside the vehicle, leaving two others dead and 20 injured in today’s attack  
  • Deadly incident comes on the anniversary of the Stockholm attack when five people were killed and 14 injured

A man has shot himself dead after ploughing a minibus into a crowd of people in the German city of Münster, killing three people and leaving 20 injured.

Six people are in critical condition and dozens more are injured after the vehicle was driven at high speed towards families outside a traditional German restaurant in the university town, 300 miles west of Berlin.

Terrified diners watched as the driver shot and killed himself inside the vehicle.

Police are currently searching the driver’s apartment and also investigating reports that two other people were seen fleeing the van after the crash.

The van crashed into people sitting in front of Münster’s famous Kiepenkerl bar on one of the first spring days in the city.

German police are sweeping the vehicle for explosives, with a ‘suspicious object’ understood to have been found inside.

The driver behind today’s terrifying incident is not yet known, local police spokesman Andreas Bode said this afternoon.

Police said they are checking witness reports that other perpetrators may have fled from the van. Mr Bode added witnesses told officials others left the van after it crashed into the crowd.

Via: DM

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