London: Gun-Free and “Tolerant” Leads to More Murders Than NYC; Six Stabbed in 90 Minutes LAST NIGHT…

One would think that flooding Britain with third-world savages, disarming the populace, and electing a Muslim as major would pay some great “liberal” dividends…

It has:

London, a city progressives laud as a beacon of open-armed multiculturalism and impressively strict gun control measures — is a total disaster zone, and the Left’s favorite Trump-resisting, terror threat-downplaying mayor, Sadiq Khan, is overseeing the mess.

Since Khan took office, crime has increased by 12%. In the months of February and March, for the first time in modern history, London surpassed the homicide rate of New York City. This was mostly contributed to a spike in knife attacks. Moreover, the city has seen “epidemic” levels of acid attacks, which are common in Muslim majority countries.

On Thursday night, in a culmination of sorts, more tragedy hit the embattled city. In about 90 minutes, six teenagers were stabbed across London. According to The Sun, among the young victims are three 15-year-olds and a 13-year-old, who is reportedly fighting for his life:

A man in his 20s was stabbed in Walthamstow around lunchtime, before a 15-year-old was knifed on East India Dock Road at 5.30pm and three males – two just 15 years old – were attacked in Grove Road, Mile End just over half an hour later.

At 6.57pm a 13-year-old boy was rushed to hospital in a critical condition after being stabbed in Newham, before a man in his late teens was attacked less than ten minutes later in Ealing Broadway – taking the grim total of victims to seven.

One suspect has been charged with attempted murder after the trio attacked in Mile End were knifed yesterday afternoon.

And three people were taken into custody following the last stabbing of the violent day in Newham.

A woman who witnessed one of the victims lying motionless in the streets of London recalled, “Before I saw him, I heard a commotion as I approached but thought nothing of it.”

“But then when I got there I saw a young male lying with blood visibly on his chest,” she said.

“And when I spoke to another witness, she said she saw three men fighting and two of them ran off after the chap had been stabbed three times,” continued the woman. “She said he had been stabbed once in the heart, or chest area, once in the stomach and once in the upper thigh. … He didn’t move at all. It was really eerie. He was just very still for the whole time I was there.”

“Youngsters don’t see the value in life at the moment,” she added.

“Another Stabbing on my road in Walthamstow. This is getting out of hand,” wrote another witness via Twitter.

The onslaught of stabbings come just one day after a 16-year-old named Amaan Shakoor died from a gunshot to the face in a suspected “gang war attack,” reports The Sun. ​

“The Met police and London Mayor Sadiq Khan are under increasing pressure to put an end to the bloodshed after eight murder probes were launched in London in January, 15 in February and 22 in March,” notes the paper.

Despite all the turmoil in London, Khan enjoys high approval ratings.

Via: DW

Do you know why Mayor Sadiq Khan still enjoys “high approval ratings?”

Because he doesn’t!

The British press is lying to Brits, just like our “mainstream media” has been lying to us for decades!

And if a Brit dare fight back, say against an attacker in his own home? They get arrested of course!

The pensioner arrested on suspicion of murdering a suspected burglar in his home is 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks, Sky sources say.

Police were called to a house in Hither Green, southeast London, at 12.45am to reports of a break-in in progress.

Osborn-Brooks had found two men inside his home.

There were initial reports Osborn-Brooks was forced into the kitchen by one of the suspects armed with a screwdriver while the other went upstairs.

Police said that, during a struggle, a 38-year-old man found inside the property sustained a stab injury to his upper body.

He was discovered collapsed nearby and taken to hospital but died soon after 3.30am.

A man who lives on the road where the stabbed man was found described hearing a man on the street “moaning and groaning”.

He said: “At first I thought he was drunk, but when I looked out of the window, I saw a white Vauxhall Astra van pulled up beside him.

“A black man was saying to the guy on the ground, ‘Come on, get in the van’. He was trying to drag him but it wasn’t working. The black guy then looked up to my window and saw me looking out, so he ran back into the van and drove off north.

“My wife then heard the clang of metal on the ground and saw him throw something out of the van’s window. I went downstairs straight away and was the first on the scene.

“The man on the ground was white and was bleeding heavily from his chest through his shirt.

“People have been talking about a screwdriver but this wasn’t a screwdriver wound – this was a knife. The wound was an inch long. I think that it was a knife and I think from what my partner said that the black guy pulled it out and threw it away.”

Police initially arrested Osborn-Brooks on suspicion of grievous bodily harm but they have since rearrested him on suspicion of murder.

A Met Police statement said: “The homeowner suffered bruising to his arms. His injuries are not life threatening.

“He was taken to a south London police station where he remains at this time.

“The second suspect in the burglary fled the scene prior to police arrival and is still at large.”

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said he knew Osborn-Brooks.

“He’s been retired for 26 years. I did some building work on his house a while ago, but I haven’t seen him for about three weeks,” said the neighbour.

Another neighbour told the Press Association there had been a recent spate of burglaries in the area.

Lewisham Councillor Mark Ingleby said residents had previously installed their own security gates to block off a collection of alleyways in the area which were exacerbating the burglary problem.

Resident Adam Lake, who said he didn’t feel safe in the area and had put up CCTV in his own home, said: “I feel terrible for the man that was burgled.

“He doesn’t deserve to be punished for defending himself, and the neighbours that I’ve spoken to all agree that the priority needs to be to support him after everything that he’s been through. He was just protecting himself after all.”

Via: SKY

Found @ the excellent site: The zombie apocalypse survival homestead

Much of Europe has been put on notice by their governments:

“You will lie there and TAKE IT!!!”…

Well, except THIS gentleman:

6 thoughts on “London: Gun-Free and “Tolerant” Leads to More Murders Than NYC; Six Stabbed in 90 Minutes LAST NIGHT…

  1. Just scratching the surface again folks?
    The UK is seriously FUBAR thanks to the politically correct, multicultural and religiously tolerance crap our screwed up system of government have inflicted on the law abiding indigenous population over the years.

    But the enlightened all know why the government won’t allow the law abiding to right to keep and bear arms.
    Self preservation.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. All UK people need to remember is law enforcement and the judiciary prefers to investigate your maiming or death than have to deal with the flack from the UK’s media when they charge you for defending yourself.

        So play the game and just die.

        Preferably leaving digitally enhanced, full colour, professionally edited, CCTV coverage clearly showing the assailants faces (enabling TPTB to occidentally delete it if it shows the ‘wrong ethnic group’) so all they have to do is look up his or her address and pick them up by taxi as they are so stressed doing yoga or painting their finger nails..

        After all, everyone’s human rights are more important than yours.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. This winter data (used to warn the UK’s National Health Service about current trends) reveals there have already been 33,464 avoidable deaths this winter (December 1 to mid-February).

            By the end of March it is predicted this will rise to over 45,000 – the highest for 18 years.

            Millions live below the poverty line in the UK. Old, sick, and poor, who have to choose whether to pay their bills, heat their homes, or eat something.

            Those figures have led to calls from health experts for the Government urgently to reduce fuel poverty and improve its housing stock so people can afford to stay warm.

            Which they won’t as it’s cheaper to let the sheeple die, AND they make money from it by collecting ‘death duty’ from the families or just by claiming the dead’s estates for their own if there is no one left!

            Nice little earner isn’t it.

            Liked by 1 person

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