Meet the “White” Woman Who Attacked YouTube Offices: Nasim Aghdam, an Iranian “Refugee,” Fruit-ball Leftist Vegan, PETA “Activist,” and David Hogg Lookalike..

Although the Democrat mouthpieces in the “mainstream media” pray to their evil deities that every psycho-murderer will be a White male American wearing a NRA hat that voted for President Trump…They NEVER are.


And if ever (GOD forbid) one of us normals did go crazy and start killing people wholesale, I still wouldn’t be willing to discuss any sort of restrictions on ANY of our rights at all.


However, Americans are not school shooters, church shooters, mall shooters, etc. Those particular evil deeds are 100% owned by Democrats, Muslims, and evil crazy freaks who are wired wrong in the head. (I know, that seemed redundant.)

Americans are the people who shoot murderers, Nazis, Fascists, and Communists, etc. in the face.

On Tuesday, 4-3-2018 YouTube offices in San Bruno, California were attacked. Immediate reports indicated the shooter was a “White” woman who was mad at her boyfriend, but the truth about who really tried to murder YouTube employees is much more bizarre…


  • Woman opened fire with a handgun at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California on Tuesday afternoon
  • She has been identified as 39-year-old Nasim Aghdam who lived in San Diego
  • Police said she shot a man and two women who were taken to hospital suffering from gunshot wounds
  • Authorities found the woman dead on the campus when they arrived
  • Aghdam was a prolific YouTuber who had ranted online claiming the company was censoring her content
Nasim Aghdam: “Refugee,” PETA “activist,” and vegan leftist freak…


You have to admit, you really can’t get more of an opposite to “old, White, NRA member” than Ms. Aghdam. She does look freakishly like Democrat puppet and spite-filled mean girl David Hogg:

David Hogg is the pouty little girl on the right in this photo

Well, I thought she and Mr Hogg looked strikingly similar, and perhaps Hogg had swapped his “gender identity” and struck out at YouTube with all the hatred in his puny heart over tampons being visible in his new clear backpack…


Until I saw Nasir’s arms:

It’s really bad when a vegan, Peta freak has bigger biceps than an FBI agents son!



Obviously, though they have the same pointy-alien head shape, pouty girl mouth, and liberal sickness, they’re not the same person. Who was Nasim?

The woman who opened fire on three people before killing herself at YouTube’s California headquarters has been identified as a frequent user of the site who was furious with the company for their ‘dictatorial’ new policies.

Nasim Aghdam, 39, shot a man and two women with a handgun when she stormed YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno on Tuesday afternoon.

Aghdam was a prolific YouTuber who had ranted online against the company’s new policies and accused them of censoring her videos.

Witnesses say Aghdam was wearing glasses and a scarf when she managed to walk onto the YouTube campus and open fire on employees in what police believe is a random shooting.

Law enforcement officials had initially said the shooting was being investigated as a domestic dispute after early indications suggested she had shot her boyfriend.

Aghdam, who was a self-described animal rights activist and ‘vegan bodybuilder’, had a significant online presence with multiple YouTube channels and social media pages.

I don’t know how long YouTube will keep this up, but let’s meet the lady who terrorized their offices:

In a video that Aghdam posted back in January 2017, she vented about her content being censored. She also said that her YouTube channel, which had more than 5,000 subscribers, used to get many views but claimed she started getting less when the company ‘filtered’ her videos.

Aghdam’s YouTube channels and social media pages were all removed in the hours after the shooting.

Via: DM

This is the bizarre world the left inhabits and desires to foist on us normals.

Who could have imagined this sort of headline, even 25 years ago:

“Left-wing Animal Rights Activist Weirdo From Iran Attempts to Murder Left-wing Gun-Hating Weirdos at YouTube in Gun-Free Zone in State Full of Illegal Aliens…Over Free Video Hosting” ???

Democrats, that’s who.

Remember to vote, and vote against all Democrats!

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