Another Shooting in “Gun-Free Zone,” at YouTube Offices, in Liberal Haven and “Sanctuary State” California…

  • Female shooter opened fire at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California on Tuesday afternoon  
  • Authorities found the woman dead inside the campus when they arrived 
  • Police said four people were taken to hospital suffering from gunshot wounds
  • Employees were outside celebrating a party on courtyard benches at the time 

Four people have been injured by a female shooter who shot and killed herself after going on a gun rampage at YouTube’s California headquarters.

The shooter, who was reportedly a white woman dressed in a headscarf, shot at her boyfriend before turning the gun on herself on Tuesday, witnesses told Fox News.

UPDATE: NOT a “White” woman who “shot her boyfriend.” See HERE

Officers and federal agents swarmed the company’s headquarters complex in the city of San Bruno just before 1pm after dozens of panicked employees called 911 to report gunfire.

Upon arrival, police found the woman dead inside the campus with self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said four people were taken to hospitals in San Francisco with gunshot injuries.

San Francisco General Hospital received three patients: a 36-year-old man in critical condition, a 32-year-old woman in serious condition and a 27-year-old woman in fair condition, a spokesman said.

The hospital said it did not expect to receive more patients. It was not immediately clear where the fourth gunshot victim had been sent for treatment.

The police chief confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon that the shooter was dead.

‘At 12.46pm this afternoon, we received numerous 911 calls regarding gun shots at YouTube’s campus. Police arrived at 12.48pm and immediately began a search for a possible shooter or shooters,’ he said.

‘Upon arrival, police encountered numerous employees fleeing. It was very chaotic.

‘Officers encountered one gunshot victim… several minutes later while searching the building officers located a second gunshot wound victim that may have been self-inflicted.

‘Two additional victims were located several minutes later at an adjacent business.’

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Listen to this witness, “I didn’t have a gun on me, but wish I did”…


11 thoughts on “Another Shooting in “Gun-Free Zone,” at YouTube Offices, in Liberal Haven and “Sanctuary State” California…

    1. Yep. We’ve had permits for decades, and I always carried when out with the family and required Freeda to carry at all times. During the last presidential election, when Democrats started attacking people for their hat, their support for Mr. Trump, and/ or their skin tone…I realized that we need to carry ALWAYS! I have a duty to try my best to keep my family safe, but I also have a duty to get me home safe and defend me. Now, it’s second nature. When I put on pants, I holster a weapon…or two.

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        1. I tried different methods, but could never force myself to go inside the waistband. Found an inexpensive leather Winthrop OWB and it’s great. Secures the firearm, quick access, and covers with a Polo shirt. I teach a class, and I don’t think anyone has ever noticed. In the winter I have a coat Freeda bought me with tear away pockets…It’s awesome and I can carry anything shy of a carbine, but it’s very heavy and a fine coat, so it’s only usable when the temp is below 30.

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            1. Naw, I just can’t.
              I’ve worked “up north” and there is some really fine folks up there and some great craftsmen, but I belong below the Mason-Dixon line in the hills. It’s home, at least my home here on Earth. I speak several different southern dialects, and I love the kindness, generosity, and wisdom I’ve found inherent in the South and the West. My wife’s uncle moved down from a large northern city and I asked him how he liked it. He said he had to get used to people talking to him in public, and waving at him with more than one finger.

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