What AMERICANS Think of the “March for Our Lives”…

I think this one from “Ace of Spades” says it all:

talking ape.jpg
“The gun control issue is actually pretty simple if you look to see who’s on either side. Those who believe in 2A rights are usually decent, hard-working citizens more comfortable with their churches or communities than in a gargantuan federal government.

On the other side, you have a whole degenerate parade of dictators, would-be dictators, busy-bodies, power-mad politicians, tatted out basement-dwellers with multi-colored hair, broke baristas, overweight feminist banshees, sissified soy boys, media potato-heads on CNN, know-nothing-because-they’ve-been-taught-nothing high school students, pig-ignorant gender studies majors, inbred college professors, Salon editors driven mad by their own inferiority, and assorted commies, pinkos, twinks, wonks, and weirdos.

It’s obvious what side I should be supporting.”

Some see Mr. Hogg as he truly is:

Dancing on the graves of children to push his handler’s agenda…

And, like ALL Democrats…an effiminate Nazi wannabe…

In case you haven’t caught the hint, let me be clear:

  1. NO “gun control” of any kind, EVER!

  2. NO restrictions on American’s owning ANY weapon they desire to, EVER! (Notice I said AMERICANS, not Democrats!)

  3. NO emulation of European style liberal policies, EVER!

  4. NO wait periods, permitting required, or registration…EVER!

  5. NO ammunition restrictions, EVER!

  6. NO companies, banks, etc. restricting the sale, advertisement, or transfer of firearms IN ANY WAY!

  7. No messing with our Constitution, EVER!

Please, let us know what YOU think...

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