France: Muslim Terrorist Tries to Run Over French Soldiers While Screaming in Arabic; French Authorities Say “Reason Unclear”…

A man who shouted death threats in Arabic and tried to run over troops outside an army base in southeastern France has been arrested.

The driver and his female passenger, reported to be his partner, have both been taken into police custody after the incident Varces-Allieres-et-Risset, near Grenoble.

The pair had first in been circling the barracks at around 8am this morning, with the man shouting insults and threats in Arabic at soldiers jogging outside.

(Maybe THAT should have been a “red flag?”…Frank)

They then returned and attempted to run down another group of soldiers returning from a jog, forcing them to dive into a ditch to escape unharmed.

‘They had to throw themselves away from the car to avoid being hurt . All are unhurt, but very shocked,’ an investigating source said.

The source said that the driver had ‘made it clear’ he wanted to injure the soldiers and made death threats in Arabic.

(Red flag!!! Red flag!!!…Frank)

The car, a Peugeot 208 was initially believed to have been stolen, but was reported by prosecutors in Grenoble to have had fake license plates.

Police sealed off the area and began a search for the driver and the female passenger, and both were later arrested.

The woman was reported to be the driver’s partner, as well as the owner of the car.

The soldiers were all from the 93rd Mountain Artillery Regiment, and the reason for the man’s verbal attack and attempt to ram them remains unclear.

(The reason remains “unclear”??? Perhaps you could ask any of the soldiers who had to dive out of the way of  Abdul’s Peugeot…Frank)

Army spokesman Colonel Benoit Brulon, said: ‘At around 8:15am today, a man verbally threatened six or seven soldiers who were out jogging. Then he did the same thing to a second group of runners.

‘When they returned to speak to him, he tried to ram them them. The soldiers managed to get on to the pavement without being crushed.

‘Gendarmes cordoned off the area and opened an investigation. On the military side, we have reinforced our security perimeter. A search has been launched to try and find the driver.’

The mayor in Varces, Jean-Luc Corbet, has ordered local residents to remain cautions and for schools and nurseries to close and the children to remain there until further notice.

The incident took place less than a week after a 25-year-old ISIS terrorist hijacked a car and went on a killing spree in the southwestern part of France.

Radouane Lakdim went on to to shoot and kill four people in the town of Carcassonne and nearby Trebes where he burst into a supermarket shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and saying he was a ‘soldier of the Islamic State, ready to die for Syria’

On Thursday, the four victims of the attacks, including heroic police officer Arnaud Beltrame who died after taking the place of a female hostage, will be laid to rest in the region.

Paying tribute to the officer at a national ceremony in Paris on Wednesday, President Emmanuel Macron said his act of supreme self- sacrifice would ‘remain etched in French hearts’.

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