Philadelphia: 12 Year Old Bullied at School and at Home Because of Skin Color…

I am so very thankful to GOD that we live in “flyover country.”

Don’t tell all the urban-dwellers who look down their noses at us while they scurry about desperately trying to avoid rape and murder, but we simply don’t have those problems to deal with on a daily basis. I’m typing this to the sound of the wind, some birds, and our neighbor who is working on some home improvement project.

No sirens, screams, or gunfire here. If there was gunfire, it’s just some one target shooting or hunting and no cause for concern.

We are blessed to have a small piece of land, so when we walk out our front door their are no thuglets lounging about on our stoop or the sidewalk.

We have a truck, so we don’t risk rape by Uber or taxi drivers.

We don’t have to smell, listen to, or fight with strangers on the bus.

Within 40 minutes of where I’m at we have access to lakes, golf, two gun ranges and at least five firearms dealers, libraries, hospitals, parks and more. People here wave at each other, help each other, and look out for each other.

In town we proudly fly the U.S. flag everywhere and our law enforcement will fuss at you if you AREN’T carrying your weapon.

To me, it’s incomprehensible to exist without a vehicle, a yard, firearms, or some space to claim as our own.

I fully expect to see people I recognize at our bank including the blonde lady who leads the singing at one of the local churches. Our bank hasn’t even asked for my ID in the past eight years, because they know who I am.

Our post office knows us, and if I go alone the lady at the post office tells me to say hello to my wife and daughter. The post office used to display the Ten Commandments until some indoctrinated liberal hater complained. The commandments are still there, the employees hid them behind a sign.

We can smoke and drink any size soft drink we desire while carrying a weapon and driving a V-8 with a Bible on the seat and an American flag flying.

No-one will spray paint their racist hate message on our home.

No-one has access. You have to come a ways up a gravel road to get here, and GOD, the gravel, dogs, and neighbors alert us long before anyone reaches our home. If someone made it, they would get a response long before they could finish shaking the paint can, and be quickly on their way to jail.

Contrast that with THIS:


Joey Messina is soft-spoken.

A first honors student at Mastery Charter Thomas Campus, the 12-year-old loves baseball, but Joey can’t shake the troublemakers at school.

“They don’t like me, they never did,” he says.

Overnight, this seventh-grader’s schoolyard differences followed him home, spray-painted for all to see on his South Philadelphia home where he lives with his parents and two younger siblings.

The threatening racially-charged words cut deep.

“I turned around and just went, ‘Oh my God.’ I called him and said, ‘Hurry up, get out here and look at this,’” Margaux Messina, Joey’s mom, said.

“He walked outside and saw that, he came right in, said, ‘Dad, I am scared now,’” said Joey’s dad, Joe Messina.

Joey’s mom and dad say their son was targeted because of his race. The family is white.

They have police reports documenting a 6-on-1 school hallway attack that happened three weeks ago.

“And then they all started coming in and punching my back, I was covering my face,” the younger Messina said.

The Messinas accuse staff at Mastery Charter Thomas Campus of looking the other way.

“They let them run that school. It’s a shame to say, they really do,” Margaux Messina said. “They don’t care about the gangs in there, they deny that when there really is.”

On Wednesday night, the school reached out to CBS3 claiming they did not look the other way, but instead, was proactive in handling the situation.

Philadelphia police now have detectives assigned to investigative the graffiti.

“In this specific case, the nature of what was said does lead us to believe there is a racial component because of a specific word that was used,” Capt. Sekou Kinebrew said in a brief interview.

Joey’s dad is at a loss in dealing with what has arrived at his doorstep.

“I want to go up to that school and confront the main people and how am I composing myself, I don’t even know. I’m ready to explode,” said Joe Messina.

In a statement obtained by CBS3, the school says, “Our job is to keep students safe. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and investigate all allegations thoroughly and expeditiously. For all off-campus incidents, we defer to the police for appropriate follow-up.”

The school added Joe Messina, the father, “is no longer allowed on campus because of a pattern of behavior.” They declined to provide further details.

Via: CBSLocal

14 thoughts on “Philadelphia: 12 Year Old Bullied at School and at Home Because of Skin Color…

    1. Yep, thuglets…young little punk thugs who hate and torment someone because they have a different color skin. I’d feel the same if the skin colors were reversed.
      I feel sorry for everyone who is trapped in areas where fear is constantly gnawing at them.
      I don’t know what problem you would have with that term.
      I also don’t get how I sound in any way “paranoid.” I just listed a few of the many ways we are blessed. Did I appear fearful? Odd because we are far from afraid or paranoid.
      I’m not sure what you mean by “report you for guns” either.
      Report what? To whom?
      Did you not read the article?

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