Will He Make It? Watch Till the End…

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7 thoughts on “Will He Make It? Watch Till the End…

    1. I made it partway up a steep hill in a VW baja bug…Had to back off the hill…rear engine…every time I tried the brakes it felt like it would lift the front off the ground, and VWs are round on top, so I had to let it go and back off the hill…TERROR for a few seconds!
      Everywhere else, it was awesome…mud, dirt, woods, and lesser hills. Someone showed me that in a field you could get up some speed and then pull the emergency brake, then it would spin like a top. Had the common rusted out floorpans, and in the mud it would cover the passenger with little mud splatters. It was well worth the $750 I paid for it.

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      1. Love the mud. It also snaps axles. The only thing that I was missing, and I used to build my own Jeeps, was four independent brake levers that I wanted to mount where the console is located. That would give each axle a manual brake when needed. I used to hunt the swamp on one of my late brothers’ farm, and even he got a bit shaken up when I drove through the swamp with water above the tires. Do it as normal here on Long Island, he wasn’t used to it. I spotted a deer runway when we got over to the other side. We watched. Then he got out on his side and shot a buck. Then he said that I wasn’t so crazy. As always, the venison was delicious.

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          1. Drove the Hummer in saltwater above the wheel wells. Just common around here when the tide rises. Had to get home, on all occasions. Hummer was set up for it (H3 Base), but the old CJ and YJ, needed the differential vent line check valves placed as high as possible. Also needed extra gaskets for the hubs on the CJ. Greased everything after the waters went down. Every non-zerk “sealed” piece, failed. Zerks. That’s what you need for waterborne or mudborne (like my tattoo says) operation.

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      2. PS: I also had to change the fuel tank and had one custom made, because going up a rise, and my brother’s farm had a nearly vertical rise portion, fuel throws to the back and places the Jeep off balance. The tank I had made for the Jeep, was almost 23 gallons, armor plate shield, and had internal baffles to slow the sloshing of fuel. Otherwise, you risk rolling it over.

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