Illegal Alien Kills Two Deputies, Disrupts Court, Curses Slain Officer’s Families, Vows to Kill More…

Luis Bracamontes made it 12 minutes through his trial Wednesday before exploding into another tirade of profanity and threats, leading Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steve White to order him removed from the courtroom.

Bracamontes, accused of killing two Sacramento-area deputies in 2014, erupted as his brother began testifying in the second day of his trial.

With Bracamontes shouting in Spanish and English, the judge immediately barked, “Be quiet.”

“F— you,” Bracamontes replied, then began shouting threats at the two juries in the case and at family members of the slain deputies.“I’m going to kill one of you motherf——-,” Bracamontes said as jurors were escorted out on White’s orders.

The judge warned Bracamontes that he would be removed if he refused to halt his outbursts, and his public defenders renewed their request to allow him to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

Public defender Norm Dawson argued that Bracamontes will continue to act out because he does not believe the trial matters and that if he is sentenced to die he is impervious to execution.

“He simply does that because he believes he can’t be killed,” Dawson said.

White rejected the effort to change his plea or declare a mistrial, and Bracamontes started in again.

“F— all the stupid cops and f— the families, too,” he said, looking directly at the row of seats where the families of Deputies Danny Oliver and Michael Davis Jr. were seated.

“More f—— cops are going to be killed – soon,” he shouted as deputies escorted him out of the court upon White’s order.

There’s never been much dispute over whether Luis Bracamontes shot and killed two Sacramento-area deputies in October 2014.

He has repeatedly admitted to it in court hearings, and at the start of his trial Tuesday his own lawyer essentially convicted the illegal immigrant of killing Sacramento sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr. in a daylong spree of violence that started in a Motel 6 parking lot near Arden Fair Mall.

“Let me be clear and up front,” public defender Jeffrey Barbour told the jury hearing his case. “Mr. Bracamontes is responsible for the death of Deputy Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis.

“He shot them both.”

“I wish I had killed more of the mother——-,” he boasted to the jury as prosecutor Rod Norgaard described the outbreak of violence.

Smiling broadly, Bracamontes added, “I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me … There’s no need for a f—— trial.”

Via: SacBee

Found video @ the excellent site: BRITTIUS

2 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Kills Two Deputies, Disrupts Court, Curses Slain Officer’s Families, Vows to Kill More…

  1. He should be executed right away, I am going to call him a wet back because he is here illegally that make him a wet back he kill two Police office, And he has no remorse for what he did he should be executed right away if I was a police officer I would pull out my gun and shoot that illegal wet back between the eyes for what he did. We need to bring back public execution like we had in the 1800 once there pronounce guilty take them outside the court room and execute them right away .

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