Baltimore: Democrat Thugs Deface Anthem Centennial Monument With Hammer and Sickle…

Baltimore, Md –

Democrats have struck again – defacing a century-old statue, near the Pagoda, in the middle of Patterson Park early Monday morning.

The value in childhood memories, for Al Braden at least, is priceless.

“I heard it on the radio that they defaced this [statue]. I turned the car right around and had to come over and take pictures of it just to see it, and to see it like this is horrible,” Braden, who grew up down the road from the park, said.

At the time, the statues cost pennies to construct – a cost that was helped paid for by city school children in 1914.

Now the piece is worth more to Al and those who walk through the park.

“There are certainly better ways to relay your thoughts, your passions, your feelings than to deface property like this,” Braden said.

Red splatters stain the statue and the surrounding grounds, also scribbled is the word ‘racist anthem’ and a Soviet Union hammer and sickle – seemingly meant to refute the statue’s commemoration – an ode to the Battle of Baltimore and the genesis of the U.S. national anthem.

Racist, America hating Democrats have struck again…

“We feel like there are ways to have this conversation and maybe defacing city property isn’t the most productive way to do it. We try to make Patterson Park a welcome and inclusive park for all people in Baltimore,” Jennifer Robinson, the executive director for the group ‘Friends of Patterson Park’ said.

The group linked to a history page about the statute stating it was dedicated in 1914 during a week-long centennial celebration of the War of 1812. The statue shows two school children holding a scroll reading, “To commemorate the centennial of the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner, the pupils of the public schools of Baltimore have erected this memorial upon Hampstead Hill where in September, 1814, the citizen soldiers of Maryland stood ready to sacrifice their lives in defense of their homes and their country.”

Via: ABC2

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