“Get Furious and Fight Back”…

A dose of truth.

Make a liberal watch…

Another women who gets it…HERE

4 thoughts on ““Get Furious and Fight Back”…

        1. I know other Brits have a pair…I’m just trying to lure them out.
          I’m curious…Because of all the crap lately I told Freeda it was time to buy an AR-15 carbine for our home. In researching the firearm, it seems that the 5.56 really loses effectiveness in a short barrel configuration. I don’t ever want to have to shoot someone, but I sure wouldn’t want to have to shoot them six times to “stop the threat.” I liked the platform for the light weight, capacity, and low recoil but now I’m leaning towards an AK-47 style as it seems to hit harder from shorter barrels. I’ve also looked at a couple of pistol caliber carbines…low recoil, small and easy to maneuver with, no 3 foot flame in the living room, etc.
          If you get time, I would like your opinion.

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