The “Obama Legacy”: Black Nurse in Indiana Children’s Hospital Wants the White Babies Killed…

Since Obama’s disastrous two terms racist attacks on White people because of the color of their skin is up over 19%. More Americans, White and Black, agree that racial hatred is coming from Blacks.

The left fans the flame of hatred by  constantly feeding their mentally disturbed “base” a string of outrageous lies, then they sit back in their gated communities and watch as Americans are attacked.

Now, this.

A nurse, someone who is supposedly “educated” and answered a “calling” to serve others and preserve their lives and health has let the dark truth in her crusty little lefty heart slip out:

An Indiana University Health nurse is under fire for racist tweets about killing white babies.

Online Redditors and Twitter users tracked nurse Taiyesha Baker to Riley Children’s Health, an affiliate of Indiana University Health in Indianapolis. Nurse Baker’s sentiments are troubling for many reasons. People trust that when they go to a hospital for care they will be treated equally and without malice while in their most vulnerable state. How will mothers of white sons feel about trusting racist black nurses to care for them after this?


Well, maybe Nurse Skank was having a bad day. No, there’s more:


How charming! She’s not alone:

Screenshot from VikingLifeBlog

Via: PJM

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