Georgia: Pastor Protects Wife, Daughters, Shoots Home Invader in the Head…


A family is safe and a home invasion suspect is in the hospital after being shot by the homeowner, deputies said.

The family heard glass breaking downstairs when Donavan Simmons, 19, tried breaking into the house Thursday morning, deputies said.

The father, who Channel 2 confirmed is Keith Beck, the pastor of a Baptist church in Bartow County, then grabbed his gun and shot Simmons in the head as he was coming in the house.

A neighbor, Bill Kennedy, said the Beck family heard the intruder breaking into their basement window.

“Come to the door and she was screaming, ‘Invader in the house!’ and her two kids were still in there asleep,” neighbor Bill Kennedy said.

Simmons was taken to the hospital and faces charges.

Beck will not face any charges.

“I think he did the right thing, protect his family,” Kennedy said.


Remember this Pastor???

11 thoughts on “Georgia: Pastor Protects Wife, Daughters, Shoots Home Invader in the Head…

          1. LOL 😁
            But, hey, on the other hand I can recall a BDU being called „weaponry“ by an Austrian judge.
            He defended his decision by stating that the intended usage transforms it to weapon status…

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            1. And, you could whack someone with a shield. I knew a prison guard who worked maximum security. He had a shield that was plexiglass, curved away from him, and had contacts on the other side so he could zap people. He is a large Black guy and when an inmate was acting up his job was to rush in, slam him against a wall, and shock him into submission. He told me the inmates would throw water and urine at him to try and shock him at the same time.
              They had no sticks or firearms so that the inmates couldn’t take them away. He would sit and lament that all day long his only human contact was “people that raped their fathers and mothers” and serial killers…Then later he would try and get me to sign up to be a prison guard. Never once was I tempted.


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